Volume 9 Number 1 November 1985

Volume 9 Number 1 November 1985



Harris, G. T.

Motives for Migration and Land Pressure in Simbu Province, Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 9(1): 1-12.


Petersen, Glenn

A Cultural Analysis of the Ponapean Independence Vote in the 1983 Plebiscite. Pacific Studies 9(1): 13-52.


Knapman, Bruce

The Rise and Fall of the White Sugar Planter in Fiji, 1880-1925. Pacific Studies 9(1): 53-82.




Lacey, Roderic

To Limlimbur, the "Wanderers." Relections on Journeys and Transformations in Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 9(1): 83-146.




Howe, K. R.

Where the Waves Fall. A New South Sea Islands History from First Settlement to Colonial Rule (Malama Meleisea, Caroline Ralston, and O. H. K. Spate). Pacific Studies 9(1): 147-167.


Howe, K. R.

Response. Pacific Studies 9(1): 167-172




Ali, Ahmed and Ron Crocombe, eds

Politics in Melanesia, Politics in Micronesia (William E. H. Tagupa). Pacific Studies 9(1): 173-177


Bell, Roger

Last among Equals: Hawaiian Statehood and American Politics (William E. H. Tagupa). Pacific Studies 9(1): 177-179.


Flood, Josephine

Archaeology of the Dreamtime (M. J. Morwood). Pacific Studies 9(1): 179-181.


Krupa, Viktor

The Polynesian Languages: A Guide (Niko Besnier). Pacific Studies 9(1): 182-185.


Ohtsuka, Ryutaro

Oriomo Papuans: Ecology of the Sago-Eaters in Lowland Papua (Patricia K. Townsend). Pacific Studies 9(1): 185-187.


Saunders, Kay, ed.

Indentured Labour in the British Empire, 1834-1920

Marks, Shula and Peter Richardson, eds.

International Labour Migration: Historical Perspectives

(Ralph Shlomowitz). Pacific Studies 9(1): 188-191.


Scarr, Deryck

Fiji: A Short History (Brij V. Lal). Pacific Studies 9(1): 192-193.


Smith, De Verne Reed

Palauan Social Structure (John Kirkpatrick). Pacific Studies 9(1): 193-196.



Volume 9 Number 2 March 1986



Wetherell, David

An Elite for a Nation? Reflections on a Missionary Group in Papua New Guinea, 1890-1986. Pacfic Studies 9(2): 1-40.


Connell, John

Population, Migration, and Problems of Atoll Development in the South Pacific. Pacific Studies 9(2): 41-58.


Shineberg, Dorothy, ed.

Archibald Menzies' Account of the Visit of the Discovery to Rapa and Tahiti, 22 December 1791-25 January 1792. Pacific Studies 9(2) 59-102.


Peoples, James G.

Employment and Household Economy in a Micronesian Village. Pacific Studies 9(2): 103-120.




Nimmo, H. Arlo

Pele , Ancient Goddess of Contemporary Hawaii. Pacific Studies 9(2): 121-180.



Hernsheim, Eduard

South Sea Merchant (Doug Munro). Pacific Studies 9(2): 181-185.


Kirch, Patrick Vinton and D. E. Yen

Tikopia: The Prehistory and Ecology of a Polynesian Outlier (Richard Feinberg). Pacific Studies 9(2): 185-190.


Lawrence, Peter

The Garia: An Ethonography of a Traditional Cosmic System in Papua New Guinea (Terence E. Hays). Pacific Studies 9(2): 191-192.


Spate, O. H

The Pacific Since Magellan. Vol. 2, Monopolists and Freebooters (Barrie Macdonald). Pacific Studies 9(2): 192-194.


New Russian Books on the Pacific 1982-1983 (Patricia Polansky). Pacific Studies 9(2): 194-202.



Volume 9 Number 3 July 1986



Feinberg, Richard, ed.

Ethnography of Ontong Java and Tasman Islands with Remarks re: The Marqueen and Abgarris Islands by R. Parkinson. Pacific Studies 9(3): 1-32.


Zelenietz, Marty and Jill Grant

The Ambiguities of Education in Kilenge, Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 9(3): 33-52.


Siegel, Jeff

Pidgin English in Fiji: A Sociolinguistic History. Pacific Studies 9(3): 53-106.


Shlomowitz, Ralph

The Fiji Labor Trade in Comparative Perspective, 1864-1914. Pacific Studies 9(3): 107-152.




Riseborough, Hazel

Saviours and Savages: An Italian View of the Nineteenth-Century Maori World. Pacific Studies 9(3): 153-174.




Brenneis, Donald Lawrence and Fred R. Myers, eds.

Dangerous Words: Language and Politics in the Pacific (George D. Westermark). Pacific Studies 9(3): 175-179.


Charlot, John

The Hawaiian Poetry of Religion and Politics (Serge Dunis). Pacific Studies 9(3): 179-182.


Davidson, Janet

The Prehistory of New Zealand (Peter Bellwood). Pacific Studies 9(3): 182-184.


Dougherty, Janet W. D.

West Futuna-- Aniwa: An Introduction to a Polynesian Outlier Language (Niko Besnier). Pacific Studies 9(3): 184-186.


Reid, Janice

Sorcerers and Healing Spirits: Continuity and Change in an Aboriginal Healing System (Paul Alan Cox). Pacific Studies 9(3): 186-189.


Young, Michael W.

Magicians of Manumanua. Living Myth in Kalauna (Jean Guiart). Pacific Studies 9(3): 189-197.