Volume 8 Number 1 Fall 1984

Volume 8 Number 1 Fall 1984



Larmour, Peter

Alienated Land and Independece in Melanesia. Pacific Studies 8(1): 1-47.


Moreland, David A.

The Quest That Failed: Jack London's Last Tales of the South Seas. Pacific Studies 8(1): 48-70.


Boutilier, James A.

Hungry Sharks: Japanese Economic Activity in Melanesia, 1960-1980. Pacific Studies 8(1): 71-94.


Hezel, Francis X., S. J.

Schools in Micronesia Prior to American Administration. Pacific Studies 8(1): 95-111.




Petersen, Glenn

Ponape's Body Politic: Island and Nation. Pacific Studies 8(1): 112-136.




Carrad, Bruce, David A. M. Lea, and Kundapen K. Talyaga, eds.

Enga: Foundations for Development. Vol. 3 of Enga Yaaka Lasemana (Terence E. Hays). Pacific Studies 8(1): 137-138.


Firth, Stewart

New Guinea under the Germans (Allan M. Healy). Pacific Studies 8(1): 138-142.


Hezel, Francis X., S. J.

The First Taint of Civilization: A History of the Coroline and Marshall Islands in Pre-Colonial Days, 1521-1885(David Hanlon). Pacific Studies 8(1): 142-145.


Hoare, Michael E., ed.

The Resolution Journal of Johann Reinhold Forster, 1772-1775 (Pauline N. King). Pacific Studies 8(1): 146-150.


Inglis, Amirah

Karo; The Life and Fate of a Papuan (Doug Munro). Pacific Studies 8(1): 146-150.


Keesing, Roger M

Kwaio Religion: The Living and the Dead in a Solomon Island Community (Roger C. Green). Pacific Studies 8(1): 150-154.


Koch, Klaus-Friedrich, ed.

Logs in the Current of the Sea: Neli Lifuka's Story of Kioa and the Vaitupu Colonists (Doug Munro). Pacific Studies 8(1): 149-156.


Macdonald, Barry

Cinderellas of the Empire: Towards a history of Kiribati and Tuvalu (Sandra J. Rennie). Pacific Studies 8(1): 154-156.


Robbins, Sterling

Auyana: Those Who Held onto Home (Richard Scaglion). Pacific Studies 8(1): 156-158.


Spiro, Melford E.

Oedipus in the Trobriands (Steven Zuckerman). Pacific Studies 8(1): 158-165.


Teilhe-Fisk, Jehane

Paradise Reviewed: An Interpretation of Gauguin's Polynesian Symbolism (Deborah Waite). Pacific Studies 8(1): 166-167.


Weisbrot, David, Abdul Paliwala, and Akilagpa Sawyerr, eds.

Law and Social Change in Papua New Guinea (William E. H. Tagupa). Pacific Studies 8(1): 167-169.



Volume 8 Number 2 Spring 1985




Luomala, Katharine

"Rubbish Boy and the Two Queens, or Humbling the Haughty In-Laws." Family Relationships in a Folktale from the Gilbert Islands. Pacific Studies 8(2): 1-24.


Shlomowitz, Ralph

Time-Expired Melanesian Labor in Queensland: An Investigation of Job Turnover, 1884-1906. Pacific Studies 8(2): 25-44.


Jonas, W. J.

The Commercial Timber Industry in Colonial Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 8(2): 45-60.


Campbell, I. C.

Race Relations in the Pre-Colonial Pacific Islands: A Case of Prejudice and Pragmatism. Pacific Studies 8(2): 61-80.




Routledge, David

Pacific History as Seen from the Pacific Islands. Pacific Studies 8(2): 81-100.




Oliver, Douglas

Two Tahitian Villages: A Study in Comparison (Greg Dening, F. Allan Hanson, Paul Shankman). Pacific Studies 8(2): 101-108.


Oliver, Douglas

Response. Pacific Studies 8(2): 108-112.




Ali, Ahmed, Ron Crocombe, and Ronald Gordon, eds.

Politics in Polynesia (William E. H. Tagupa). Pacific Studies 8(2): 113-117.


Binney, Judith, Gillian Chaplin, and Craig Wallace

Mihaia: The Prophet Rua Kenana and His Community at Maungapohatu

Webster, Peter

Rua and the Maori Millenium

(Karen P. Sinclair). Pacific Studies 8(2): 117-125.


Cuzent, Gilbert

Archipel de Tahiti: Recherches sur les principales productions vegetales. Revised and expanded edition (F. R. Fosberg). Pacific Studies 8(2): 125-129.


Kelly, Marion

Na Mala o Kona, The Gardens of Kona: A History of Land Use in Kona, Hawai'i ( William E. H. Tagupa). Pacific Studies 8(2): 129-130.


The Institute for Polynesian Studies

The Politics of Evolving Cultures in the Pacific Islands. Proceedings of a Conference Sponsored by The Institute for Polynesian Studies (R. A. Herr). Pacfic Studies 8(2): 130-133.


Sillitoe, Paul

Roots of the Earth: Crops in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea (Terence E. Hays). Pacific Studies 8(2): 133-135.


Takaki, Ronald

Pau Hana: Plantation Life and Labor in Hawaii (Noel J. Kent). Pacific Studies 8(2): 135-140.