Volume 7 Number 1 Fall 1983

Volume 7 Number 1 Fall 1983




Luomala, Katherine

1983 Phantom Night Marchers in the Hawaiian Islands. Pacific Studies 7(1): 1-33.


Akerren, Brita

1983 Nukuhiva in 1819. From the Unpublished Journal of a Swedish Traveler. Pacific Studies 7(1): 34-58.


Rensch, Karl H.

1983 Fish Names of Wallis Island (Uvea). Pacific Studies 7(1): 59-90.




Trask, Haunani-Kay

1983 Cultures in Collision: Hawai'i and England, 1778. Pacific Studies 7(1): 91-117.




Shore, Bradd

1983 Sala'ilua: A Samoan Mystery (Thelma S. Baker, James R. Bindon, and Jacob Wainright Love). Pacific Studies 7(1): 118-144.


Shore, Bradd

1983 Response. Pacific Studies 7(1): 145- 156.




Clifford, James

Person and Myth: Maurice Leenhardt in the Melanesian World (Dorothy Ayers Counts). Pacific Studies 7(1): 157-160).


Ewins, Rod

Fijian Artefacts: Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Collection (Marie J. Adams). Pacific Studies 7(1): 160-162.


Feinberg, Richard

Anuta: Social Structure of a Polynesian Island (Valerio Valeri). Pacific Studies 7(1): 162-165.


Feld, Steven

Sound and Sentiment: Birds, Weeping, Poetics, and Song in Kaluli Expression (Richard M. Moyle). Pacific Studies 7(1): 165-169.


King Pauline, ed.,

The Diaries of David Lawrence Gregg: An American Diplomat in Hawaii, 1853-1858 (Char Miller). Pacific Studies 7(1): 169-172.


Morton, Harry

The Whale's Wake (Caroline Ralston). Pacific Studies 7(1): 172-174.


Peterson, Nicolas, ed.

Aboriginal Land Rights: A Handbook (Michael C. Howard). Pacific Studies 7(1): 174-175.


Polansky, Patricia

New Russian Books in the Pacific. Pacific Studies 7(1): 175-181.


Rodman, William L. and Dorothy Ayers Counts, eds.

Middlemen and Brokers in Oceania (Stephen Levine). Pacific Studies 7(1): 182-184.


Tatar, Elizabeth

Nineteenth Century Hawaiian Chant (Rubellite Kawena Johnson). Pacific Studies 7(1): 184-188.


Wurm, Stephen A. and Shiro Hattori

Language Atlas of the Pacific Area, Part I: New Guinea Area, Oceania, Australia (Max E. Stanton). Pacific Studies 7(1): 188-191.



Volume 7 Number 2 Spring 1984




Alkire, William H.

1984 Central Carolinian Oral Narratives: Indigenous Migration Theories and Principles of Order and Rank. Pacific Studies 7(2): 1-14.


Rhoads, Ellen C.

1984 The Impact of Modernizaton on the Aged in American Samoa. Pacific Studies 7(2): 15-33.


Premdas, Ralph, Jeff Steeves, and Peter Larmour

1984 The Western Breakaway Movement in the Solomon Islands. Pacific Studies 7(2): 34-67.




Gregory, Robert J. and Janet E. Gregory

1984 John Frum: An Indigenous Strategy of Reaction to Mission Rule and Colonial Order. Pacific Studies 7(1): 68-90.




Freeman, Derek

1984 Margaret Mead and Samoa: The Making and Unmaking of an Anthropological Myth (Fay Ala'ilima, Tuaopepe Felix S. Wednt, Nancy McDowell). Pacific Studies 7(2): 91-140.


Freeman, Derek

1984. Response. Pacific Studies 7(2): 140-196.




Garrett, John

To Live Among the Stars: Christian Origins in Oceania (Sione Latukefu). Pacific Studies 7(2): 197-199.


Macnaught, T. J.

The Fijian Colonial Experience: A Study of the Neo-Traditional Order under British Colonial Rule Prior to World War Two (I. C. Campbell). Pacific Studies 7(2): 199-201.


Marshall, Mac, ed.

Through a Glass Darkly: Beer and Modernization in Papua New Guinea (Dan Jorgesen). Pacific Studies 7(2): 201-204.


Mitchell, Donald Kiolani

Resource Units in Hawaiian Culture (Ishmael Stagner). Pacific Studies 7(2): 204-205.


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Traditional Conservation in Papua New Guinea: Implications for Today (D. K. Feil). Pacific Studies 7(2): 205-207.


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Law and Social Change in Papua New Guinea (William E. H. Tagupa). Pacific Studies 7(2): 207-209.