Volume 6 Number 1 Fall 1982

Volume 6 Number 1 Fall 1982




Mason, Leonard

1982 Growing Old in Changing Micronesia. Pacific Studies 6(1): 1-26.


McLachlan, Sue

1982 Savage Island or Savage History: An Interpretation of Early European Contact With Niue. Pacific Studies 6(1): 26-51.


Black, Peter W.

1982 The "In-Charge Complex" and Tobian Political Culture. Pacific Studies 6(1): 52-70.


Hughes, Daniel T. and Stanley K. Laughlin, Jr.

1982 Key Elements in the Evolving Political Culture of the Federated States of Micronesia. Pacific Studies 6(1): 71-84.




Wolfers, Edward

1982 Aspects of Political Culture and Institution Building in Melanesia: The Constitutional Planning in Papua New Guinea and the Special Committee on Provincial Government in Solomon Islands. Pacific Studies 6(1): 85-108.




Abramson, Joan, ed.

Photographers of Old Hawaii

Golt, Rick

Hawai'i Hawai'i (Judi Thompson). Pacific Studies 6(1): 109-113.


Brookfield, H. C., ed

Population-Environment Relations in Tropical Islands: The Case of Eastern Fiji (Bruce Knapman). Pacific Studies 6(1): 113-117.


Dixon, R. M. W. The Languages of Australia (Michael Walsh). Pacific Studies 6(1): 117-118.


Doran, Edwin, Jr.

Wangka: Austronesian Canoe Origins (Olaf Ruhen). Pacific Studies 6(1): 119-122.


Falkenberg, Aslaug and Johannes

The Affinal Relationship System of the Australian Aborigines in the Port Keats Districts (Allen Rumsey). Pacific Studies 6(1): 122-125.


Farquhar, Judith and D. Carleton Gajdusek, eds.

Kuru: Early Letters and Field-Notes from the Collection of D. Carleton Gajdusek (Terence E. Hays). Pacific Studies 6(1): 125-127.


Farrell, Bryan

Hawaii, the Legend that Sells (Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo).Pacific Studies 6(1): 128-132.


Grieve, Norma and Patricia Grimshaw, eds.

Australian Women: Feminist Perspectives (Kay Saunders). Pacific Studies 6(1): 132-133.


Hall, Noeline V.

I have Planted. . .: A Biography of Alfred Nesbit Brown (Charlotte Carr-Gregg). Pacific Studies 6(1): 133-137.


Hodgins, Bruce W., Don Wright, and W. H. Heick, eds.

Federalism in Canada and Australia: The Early Years (S. R. Davis). Pacific Studies 6(1):137-140.


Holmes, Christine, ed.

Captain Cook's Final Voyage: The Journal of Midshipman George Gilbert (James R. Gibson). Pacific Studies 6(1): 140-141.


Kirk, R. L.

Aboriginal Man Adapting: The Human Biology of Australian Aborigines (Joseph P. Reser). Pacific Studies 6(1): 141-143.

Levine, Hal B. and Marlene Wolfzahn Levine

Urbanization in Papua New Guinea, A Study of Ambivalent Townsmen (Annette B. Weiner). Pacific Studies 6(1): 143-145.


Marshall, Mac, ed.

Siblings in the Meaning of Kin Relations (Henry P. Lundsgaarde). Pacific Studies 6(1): 145-148.


Martin, Captain Henry Byam

The Polynesian Journal (Pauline N. King). Pacific Studies 6(1): 148-151.


Oliver, W. H. and B. R. Williams, eds.,

The Oxford History of New Zealand (Colin Newbury). Pacific Studies 6(1): 151-156.


Osborne, Thomas J.

"Empire Can Wait"; American Opposition to Hawaiian Annexation, 1893-1898 (William Tagupa). Pacific Studies 6(1): 156-158.


Rehg, Kenneth L. with Damian G. Sohl

Ponapean Reference Grammar (Paul L. Garvin). Pacific Studies 6(1): 158-161.


Skinner, Solange Petit

The Nauruans (Eugene Ogan). Pacific Studies 6(1): 161-162.


Sutton-Smith, Brian

A History of Children's Play: New Zealand Playground 1840-1950 (Ronald S. Jackson). Pacific Studies 6(1): 162-163.


Theophaneous, Andrew C.

Australian Democracy in Crisis. A New Theoretical Introduction to Australian Politics (Kay Saunders). Pacific Studies 6(1): 164.


Wooden, Wayne S.

What Price Paradise? Changing Social Patterns In Hawaii (Gordon Pi'ianai'a).



Volume 6 Number 2 Spring 1983




Clark, Alan

1983 Formal Conflict: On Recent Elections in New Caledonia. Pacific Studies 6(2): 1-10.


Tumarkin, D. D.

1983 Materials of M. Vasilyev's Expedition: A Valuable Source for the Study of Cultural Change and Inter-Cultural Contacts in the Hawaiian Islands. Pacific Studies 6(2): 11-32.


Lal, Brij V.

1983 Indian Indenture Historiography: A Note on Problems, Sources and Methods. Pacific Studies 6(2): 33-50.




McLean, Mervyn

1983 Approaches To Problems of Field Ethics in Oceania. Pacific Studies 6(2): 51-59.




McCall, Grant, Brij V. Lal, and Harold E. Davis

1983 H. E. Maude, Slavers in Paradise: The Peruvian Labour Trade in Polynesia, 1862-1864. Pacific Studies 6(2): 60-67


H. E. Maude

1983 Response. Pacific Studies 6(2): 67-71.




Albinski, Henry S.

The Australian-American Security Relationship: A Regional and International Perspective (Glen St. J. Barclay). Pacific Studies 6(2): 72-73.


Allen, Michael, ed.

Vanuatu: Politics, Economics and Ritual in Island Melanesia (Fitz John Porter Poole). Pacific Studies 6(2): 74-78.


Benton, Richard A.

The Flight of the Amokura: Oceanic Languages and Formal Education in the South Pacific (Nico Besnier). Pacific Studies 6(2): 78-81.


Blong, R. J.

The Time of Darkness: Local Legends and Volcanic Reality in Papua New Guinea (Terence E. Hays). Pacific Studies 6(2): 82-86.


Forman, Charles W.

The Island Churches of the South Pacific: Emergence in the Twentieth Century (Hugh Laracy). Pacific Studies 6(2): 86-88.


Kear, Janet and A. J. Berger

The Hawaiian Goose: An Experiment in Conservation (Cameron B. Kepler). Pacific Studies 6(2): 88-91.


Peterson, Glenn

One Man Cannot Rule a Thousand: Fission in a Ponapean Chiefdom (Peter W. Black). Pacific Studies 6(2): 91-93.


Porteous, J. Douglas

The Modernization of Easter Island (Carlyle S. Smith). Pacific Studies 6(2): 93-95.