Volume 5 Number 1 Fall 1981

Volume 5 Number 1 Fall 1981




Thompson, Roger C.

1981 Natives and Settlers on the New Herbrides Frontier, 1870-1900. Pacific Studies 5(1): 1-18.


Noricks, Jay

1981 The Meaning of Niutao Fakavalevale (Crazy) Behavior: A Polynesian Theory of Mental Disorder. Pacific Studies 5(1): 19-33.


Bennett, Judith A.

1981 Personal Work Histories of The Solomon Islands Plantation Labourers - Methodology and Uses. Pacific Studies 5(1): 34-56.




Tagupa, William E. H.

1981 Education, Change and Assimilation in Nineteenth Century Hawai'i. Pacific Studies 5(1): 57-70.




Barrat, Glynn

Russia in Pacific waters, 1715-1825 (Patricia Polansky). Pacific Studies 5(1): 74-77.


Blust, Robert A.

The Proto-Oceanic Palatals (Paul Geraghty). Pacific Studies 5(1): 77-79.


Burdick, Charles

The Frustrated Raider: The Story of the German Cruiser Cormoran in World War I (Peter Hempenstall). Pacfic Studies 5(1): 79-81.


De Varigny, Charles

Fourteen Years in the Sandwich Islands, 1855-1868 (William E. H. Tagupa). Pacific Studies 5(1): 81-83.


Johnstone, Paul

The Seacraft of Prehistory (David Lewis). Pacific Studies 5(1): 83-85.


Kenn, Charles W., Trans.

Moolelo of Ancient Hawaii (Ishmael Stagner). Pacific Studies 5(1): 85-86.


Martin, Captain Henry Byam

The Polynesian Journal (Pauline N. King). Pacific Studies 5(1): 86-89.


McCall, Grant

Rapanui: Tradition and Survival on Easter Island (Edwin N. Ferdon, Jr.). Pacific Studies 5(1): 90-93.


McDermott, John F., Jr., Wen-Shing Teseng, and Thomas W. Maretzki. Eds.,

People and Cultures of Hawaii: A Psychocultural Profile (Burton G. Burton-Bradley). Pacific Studies 5(1): 93-95.


Pataki-Scweizer, K. J.

A New Guinea Landscape, Community, Space and Time in the Eastern Highlands (Bruton G. Burton-Bradley). Pacific Studies 5(1): 96-97.


Ritchie, Jane and James

Growing Up in Polynesia (Nicholas Besnier). Pacific Studies 5(1): 97-102.


Sherington, Geoffrey

Australia's Immigrants 1788-1978 (Kay Saunders). Pacific Studies 5(1): 102-104.


Young, Michael W., Ed.

The Ethnography of Malinowski: The Trobriand Islands 1915-1918. Pacific Studies 5(1): 104-107.




Volume 5 Number 2 Spring 1982




Feinberg, Richard

1982 Structural Dimensions of Sociopolitical Change on Anuta, S.T. Pacific Studies 5(2): 1-19.


Shuster, Donald R.

1982 State Shinto in Micronesia During Japanese Rule, 1914-1945. Pacific Studies 5(2): 20-43.


Tonkinson, Robert

1982 Vanuatu Values: A Changing Symbiosis. Pacific Studies 5(2): 44-63.



Campbell, I.C.

1982 Polynesian Perceptions of Europeans in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Pacific Studies 5(2): 64-80.




Bolton, Geoffrey

Spoils and Spoilers: Australians Make Their Environment 1788-1980 (Brian K. Babington). Pacific Studies 5(2): 81-83.


Ferdon, Edwin N.

Early Tahiti As The Explorers Saw It, 1767-1797 (Colin Newbury). Pacific Studies 5(2): 83-84.


Goodman, Grant K. and Felix Moos

The United States and Japan in the Western Pacific: Micronesia and Papua New Guinea (R.A. Herr). Pacific Studies 5(2): 84-87.


Herbert, T. Walter, Jr.

Marquesan Encounters: Melville and the Meaning of Civilization (Char Miller). Pacific Studies 5(2): 87-89.


Herdt, Gilbert H.

Guardians of the Flutes: Idioms of Masculinity. A Study of Ritualized Homosexual Behavior (Paula Brown). Pacific Studies 5(2): 89-96.


Hilder, Brett

The Voyage of Torres (Andre Gschaedler). Pacific Studies 5(2): 96-97.


Howie-Willis, Ian

A Thousand Graduates: Conflict in University Development in Papua New Guinea, 1961-1976 (Deborah Gewertz). Pacific Studies 5(2): 97-100.


Hudson, William J.

Australia and the League of Nations (Glen St. J. Barclay). Pacific Studies 5(2): 100-102.


Hutchins, Edwin

Culture and Inference (Michael D. Lieber). Pacific Studies 5(2): 102-103.


Jennings, Jesse D.

The Prehistory of Polynesia (Peter Gatherole). Pacific Studies 5(2): 103-104.


Johannes, R.E.

Words of the Lagoon: Fishing and Marine Lore in the Palau District of Micronesia (Roland W. Force). Pacific Studies 5(2): 105-108.


Keesing, Roger M. and Peter Corris

Lightning Meets the West Wind: The Malaita Massacre (Harold M. Ross). Pacific Studies 5(2): 108-112.


Levine, Hal B. and Marlene Levine

Urbanization in Papua New Guinea, A Study of Ambivalent Townsmen (Annette B. Weiner). Pacific Studies 5(2): 112-114.


Marcus, George E.

The Nobility and the Chiefly Tradition in the Modern Kingdom of Tonga (Charles F. Urbanowicz). Pacific Studies 5(2): 114-116.


Muhlhausler, Peter

Papers in Pidgin and Creole Linguistics (William R. Thurston). Pacific Studies 5(2): 116-120.


Scarr, Deryck

Viceroy of the Pacific: The Majesty of Colour, a Life of Sir John Bates Thurston (W. Ross Johnston). Pacific Studies 5(2): 120-122.


Schramm, Wilbur, Lyle M. Nelson and Mere Betham

Bold Experiment: The Story of Educational Television in American Samoa (Ralph D. Barney). Pacific Studies 5(2): 122-124.


Steensberg, Alex

New Guinea Gardens: A Study of Husbandry with Parallels in Prehistoric Europe (Leopold Pospisil). Pacific Studies 5(2): 124-127.


Theophanous, Andrew C.

Australian Democracy in Crisis: A Radical Approach to Australian Politics (Kay Saunders). Pacific Studies 5(2): 127-128.


Napoleone A. Tuiteleleapaga

Samoa, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Cluny Macpherson). Pacific Studies 5(2): 128-132.


Whitlam, E. Gough

Pacific Community (David W. Hergarty). Pacific Studies 5(2): 132-133.


Worden, William M.

Cargoes: Matson's First Century in the Pacific (Thomas R. Cox). Pacific Studies 5(2): 133-135.