Volume 4 Number 1 Fall 1980

Volume 4 Number 1 Fall 1980




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1980 The Melanesian Labor Reserve: Some Reflections on Pacific Labor Markets in The Nineteenth Century. Pacific Studies 4(1): 1-25.


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1980 Melanesian Women in Queensland 1863-1907: Some Methodological Problems Involving the Relationship between Racism and Sexism. Pacific Studies 4(1): 26-44.


Campbell, I. C.

1980 Savages Noble and Ignoble: The Preconceptions of Early European Voyagers in Polynesia. Pacific Studies 4(1): 45-59.




Latukefu, Sione

1980 The Definition of Authentic Oceanic Cultures with Particular Reference to Tongan Culture. Pacific Studies 4(1): 60-81.




Polansky, Patricia

1980 Russian in the Pacific: A Review of New Books, 1974-1979. Pacific Studies 4(1): 82-88.




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Economic and Social Organization of a Complex Chiefdom: The Halelea District, Kaua'i, Hawaii (William E. Tagupa). Pacific Studies 4(1): 88-90.


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The Spanish Lake (K. R. Howe). Pacific Studies 4(1): 90-92.


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Subsistence and Survival: Rural Ecology in the Pacific (Gary A. Klee). Pacific Studies 4(1): 95-97.


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