Volume 31 Number 1 March 2008

Volume 31 Number 1 March 2008
Michael Reilly
Mangaia in the Colonial World, 1863-1899 (1-30)
'Okusitino Mahina
Faiva Fakaoli: The Tongan Performance Art of Humor (31-54)
Wakako Higuchi
Japan's Industrial Development of a U.S. Territory: Guam, 1941-1944 (55-104)
Andrew Moutu
Tree Leaf Talk: A Heideggerian Anthropology (James F. Weiner): 105-120
Riley M. Moffat
Recent Pacific Island Publications: Selected Aquisitions, January 2006-June 2006 (121-134)
Recent Pacific Island Publications: Selected Aquisitions, July 2006-May 2007 (135-152)
Vol.31 N0. 2 June 2008
William W. Donner
Changing Concepts of Chief and Hierarchy on a Polynesian Outlier (1-24)
Laura Schuft
Ethnic Representations and Social Integration of Contemporary French Migrants in Tahiti, French Polynesia (25-52)
Emanuel J. Drechsel
Contacts between Native Americans and Native Hawaiians since World War II (53-85)
George M. Williams 
Classical Hawaiian Education: Generations of Hawaiian Culture; Moses Kuaea Nakuina: Hawaiian Novelist; and Approaches to the Academic Study of Hawaiian Literature and Culture (John Charlot):86-90
Ceridwen Spark
Remembering Papua New Guinea: An Eccentric Ethnography (William C. Clarke): 91-93
Riley M. Moffat
Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, June 2007 - December 2007 (94-104)
Volume 31 Nos. 3/4 September/December 2008
Special Issue: Relative Power: Changing Interpretations of Fosterage and Adoption in Pacific Island Societies
Mac Marshall
Preface (1-13)
Judith Schachter
Introduction (14-31)
Laurence Marshall Carucci
The Making and Nurturing of Relationships: An Ujelang/Enewetak (32-57)
Thorgeir Storesund Kolshus
Adopting Change: Relational Flexibility as Vice and Virtue on Mota Island, Vanuatu (58-86)
Jeanette Dickerson-Putman
Power, Uncertainty, and Obligation: Unreveling Contemporary Adoption and Fosterage in Raivavae, Austral Islands, French Polynesia (87-106)
Leslie Butt
A Transaction in Ambivalence: Adoption in Contemporary Highlands Paupua (107-130)
Christine Salomon and Christine Hamelin
Beyond Normative Discourse: Adoption and Violence against Women in New Caledonia (131-155)
Manuel Rauchholz
Demythologizing Adoption: From the Practice to the Effects of Adoption in Chuuk, Micronesia (156-181)
Laurel A. Monnig
Adoption Is Blood: Understanding Chamorro Poksai as Chamorro Authenticity within Racialized Decolonization Politics on Guam (182-210)
Judith Schachter
"A Relationship Endeared to the People": Adoption in Hawaiian Custom and Law (211-231)
Susan McKinnon
Afterward: Adoptive Relations in Theories of Kinship and Modernity (232-248)