Volume 3 Number 1 Fall 1979

Volume 3 Number 1 Fall 1979




Sinoto, Yosihiko H.

1979 Excavations on Huahine, French Polynesia. Pacific Studies 3(1): 1-40.


Godley, Michael R.

1979 China as a Pacific Power. Pacific Studies 3(1): 41-50.


Johnson, Rubellite Kawena

1979 From the Gills of the Fish: Hawaii's Genealogical Ties with the Rulers of Tahiti. Pacific Studies 3(1): 51-67.


Britsch, R. Lanier

1979 Refounding of the LDS Mission in French Polynesia, 1892. Pacific Studies 3(1): 68-80.




Howe, Kerry R.

1979 Pacific History in the 1980s: New Directions or Monograph Myopia? Pacific Studies 3(1): 81-90.




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The Eighth Land. The Polynesian Discovery and Settlement of Easter Island. (William S. Ayres) Pacific Studies 3(1): 91-94.


Beechey, Frederick W.

Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and Bering's Straits

Gough, Barry M., ed.

To the Pacific and Arctic with Beechey (Char Miller). Pacific Studies 3(1): 95-97.


Louis Claude de Saulses de Freycinet

Hawaii in 1819: A Narrative Account

Barrot, Theodore-Adolphe

Unless Haste is Made: A French Skeptic's Account of the Sandwich Islands (William E. Tagupa). Pacific Studies 3(1): 97-99.


Norton, Robert

Race and Politics in Fiji (Jerry K. Loveland). Pacific Studies 3(1): 99-102.


Ralston, Caroline

Grass Huts and Warehouses: Pacific Beach Communities of the Nineteenth Century (Harold M. Ross). Pacific Studies 3(1): 102-104.


Reinman, Fred R.

An Archaeological Survey and Preliminary Test Excavations on the Island of Guam, Mariana Islands, 1965-66 (Janet Davidson). Pacific Studies 3(1): 105-106.


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Mass Communication and Journalism in the Pacific Islands: A Bibliography (Ralph D. Barney). Pacific Studies 3(1): 106-109.


Tinker, Spencer Wilkie

Fishes of Hawaii. A Handbook of the Marine Fishes of Hawaii and the Central Pacific Ocean (Peter J. P. Whitehead). Pacific Studies 3(1): 109-111.



Volume 3 Number 2 Spring 1980




McCall, Grant

1980 Kinship and Association in Rapanui Reciprocity. Pacific Studies 3(2): 1-21.


Munro, Doug

1980 Tom De Wolf's Pacific Venture: The Life History of a Commercial Enterprise in Samoa. Pacific Studies 3(2): 22-40.


Wright, Esther Clark

1980 Note on the De Wolf Family of Nova Scotia. Pacific Studies 3(2): 41-42.


Hughes, Daniel T.

1980 The Responsibilities of Anthropologists to Pacific Islanders. Pacific Studies 3(2): 43-51.




Langdon, Robert

1980 New Light and Further Thoughts on the Grounding of the Caraval San Lesmes. Pacific Studies 3(2): 52-63.




Elbert, Samuel H. and Mary Kawena Pukui

Hawaiian Grammar (Nicholas Besnier). Pacific Studies 3(2): 63-67.


Mamak, Alex and Ahmed Ali, eds.,

Race and Class and Rebellion in the South Pacific

Mamak, Alex

Colour, Culture, and Conflict: A Study of Pluralism in Fiji

(Ralph R. Premdas). Pacific Studies 3(2): 68-74.




Ogawa, Dennis M.

Kodomo no tame ni-- For the Sake of the Children: The Japanese American Experience in Hawaii (David B. Paxman). Pacific Studies 3(2): 74-77.


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Friendly Islands: A History of Tonga (K. R. Howe). Pacific Studies 3(2): 78-79.


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Hawaiian Music and Musicians (Joseph H. Spurrier). Pacific Studies 3(2): 79-82.


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E Au Tua Ta'ito No Te Kuki 'Airani (Jon Jonassen). Pacific Studies 3(2): 82-83.


Tjibaou, Jean-Marie

Kanake, The Melanesian Way (Brian Babington). Pacific Studies 3(2): 83-85.


Alkire, William H.

Coral Islanders (Gary A. Klee). Pacific Studies 3(2): 86-87.


Mead, Sidney M., ed.

Exploring the Visual Art of Oceania (Jerome A. Feldman). Pacific Studies 3(2): 88-89.


Andrew, John A. III,

III Rebuilding the Christian Commonwealth: New England Congregationalists and Foreign Missions, 1800-1830 (Char Miller). Pacific Studies 3(2): 90-94.


Marshall, Mac

Weekend Warriors: Alcohol in a Micronesian Culture (Eugene Ogan). Pacific Studies 3(2): 92-94.


Gast, Ross H.

Contentious Consul: A Biography of John Coffin Jones, First United States Consular Agent at Hawaii (Char Miller). Pacific Studies 3(2): 94-96.


Barrere, Dorothy B., Mary Kawena Pukui, and Marion Kelly

Hula: Historical Perspectives (William E. H. Tagupa). Pacific Studies 3(2): 96-97.


Gale, Roger

The Americanization of Micronesia: A Study of the Consolidation of United States Rule in the Pacific (Dirk Anthony Ballendorf). Pacific Studies 3(2): 97-99.


Schoofs, Robert

Pioneers of the Faith: History of the Catholic Mission in Hawaii 1827-1940 (Ned Williams). Pacific Studies 3(2): 99-101.


Newbury, Colin

Tahiti Nui: Change and Survival in French Polynesia 1767-1945 (William E. H. Tagupa). Pacific Studies 3(2): 101-103.