Volume 29 Numbers 1/2 March/June 2006

Volume 29 Numbers 1/2 March/June 2006
Yong Nam Song and Dennis A. Ahlburg
Poverty Among Pacific Islander and Hawai'ian Elderly in 1989 and 1999 (1-23)
Hal M. Friedman
Civil versud Military Administration: The Interior Department's Position on U.S. Pacific Territories, 1945-1947 (24-53)
Fiona Paisley
Glamour in the Pacific: Cultural Internationalism and Maori Politics at Pan-Pacific Women's Conferences in the 1950s (54-81)
Colin Newbury
Bose Vakaturanga: Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs, 1875-2000 (82-127)
Cluny Macpherson and La'avasa Macpherson
The Nature and Limits of Traditional Dispute Resolution Processes in Contemporary Samoa (128-158)
 Jane C. Desmond, Staging Tourism: Bodies on Display from Waikiki to Sea World
           Deborah Wong (159-167)
           Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman (167-170)
           Response: Jane C. Desmond (170-175)
Riley M. Moffit (176-190)
Volume 29 Numbers 3/4 September/December 2006
Stacy L. Kamehiro
'Iolani Palace: Spaces of Kingship in Late Nineteenth Century Hawai'i (1-32)
Doug Munro
Richard Gilson - The Perfectionist Historian of Samoa (33-73)
Thomas K. Pinhey, Donald H. Rubinstein, and Stephen M. Vaughn
Fishing and Fiestas in Guam: An Exploratory Note on the Reinforcement of Cultural Traditions (74-82)
Rhonda Sharp and Sanjugta Vas Dev
Intergrating Gender into Public Expenditure: Lessons from the Republic of the Marshall Islands (83-105)
Robert J. Foster, Materializing the Nation: Commodities, Consumption, and Media in Papua New Guinea
         Christine Dureau (106-115)
         Peter Larmour (115-119)
         Marianne Elisabeth Lien (119-126)
         Response: Robert J. Foster (126-137)
Melani Anae
J.H. Liu, T. McCreanor, T. McIntosh, and T. Teaiwa, eds., New Zealand Identities Departures and Destinations (138-140)
Ping-Ann Addo
John Pule and Nicholas Thomas, Hiapo: Past and Present in Niuean Barkcloth (141-143)
Richard Scaglion
Joel Robbins, Becoming Sinners: Christianity and Moral Torment in a Papua New Guinea Society (144-146)
Riley M. Moffat
Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Aquisitions, April 2003-August 2003 (147-155)
Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Aquisitions, September 2003-November 2003 (156-164)
Recent Pacific Islands Publicaitons: Selected Aquisitions, June 2004-December 2004 (165-180)