Volume 25 Numbers 1/2 March/June 2002

Volume 25 Numbers 1/2 March/June 2002  


SPECIAL ISSUE: Constructing Moral Communities: Pacific Islander Strategies for Settling in New Places




Modell, Judith S., Guest Editor

Introduction. Pacific Studies 25(1/2): 1-22.


The Material Conditions of Moral Communities


Donner, William W.

Rice and Tea, Fish and Taro: Sikaiana Migration to Honiara. Pacific Studies 25(1/2): 23-44.


Feinberg, Richard

Anutans in Honiara: A Polynesian People's Struggle to Maintain Community in the Solomon Islands. Pacific Studies 25(1/2): 45-70.


Macpherson, Cluny

From Moral Community to Moral Communities: The Foundations of Migrant Social Solidarity among Samoans in Urban Aotearoa/New Zealand. Pacific Studies 25(1/2): 71-94.


Site and Strategies in the Creation of Moral Communities


Allen, Linda

Maintaining Marshallese Fundamentals with Christian Fundamentalism. Pacific Studies 25(1/2): 95-116.


Rosenblatt, Daniel

"Titirangi Is the Mountain": Representing Maori Community in Auckland. Pacific Studies 25(1/2): 117-140.


Tapsell, Paul

Marae and Tribal Identity in Urban Aotearoa/New Zealand. Pacific Studies 25(1/2): 141-172.


Modell, Judith S.

Abuse and Discipline: The Creation of Moral Community in Domestic Violence Groups on the Wai'anae Coast (Hawai'i). Pacific Studies 25(1/2): 173-202.


Merry, Sally Engle

Comparative Criminalization: Cultural Meanings of Adultery and Gender Violence in Hawai'i in 1850 and 1990. Pacific Studies 203-220.



Volume 25 Number 3 September 2002




Jon G. O'Neill and Dirk H. R. Spennemann

 Perserving Colonial Heritage in Postcolonial Micronesia. Pacific Studies 25 (3): 1-16


 Alaine Chanter

Postcolonial Politics and Colonial Media Representations. Pacific Studies 25 (3): 17-36


Nand E. Hart Nibbrig

Rascals, the State and Civil Society in Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 25 (3): 37-56


John Edward Terrell, Terry L. Hunt, and Joel Bradshaw

On the Locations of the Proto-Oceanic Homeland. Pacific Studies 25 (3): 57-94




Thomas K. Pinhey, John W. Carpenter, Jr., Michael P. Perez, and Randall L. Workman

Marijuana Use among High-School Students in Guam. Pacific Studies 25 (3): 95-106




Mary E. Lawson Burke

Weavers of Son: Polynesian Music and Dance (Mervyn McLean). Pacific Studies 25 (3): 107-109


Jehanne Teilhet-Fisk

Art and Performance in Oceania (Barry Craig, Bernie Kernot, and Christopher Andersons, eds.). Pacific Studies 25 (3): 110-111


Michael Wesch

Arrow Talk: Transaction, Transition, and Contradiction in New Guinea Highlands History (Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart). Pacific Studies 25 (3): 112-114


Paul B. Wohlt

Social Change in Melenesia: Development and History (Paul Sillitoe). Pacific Studies 25 (3): 115-118




Riley M. Moffat

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, July 2001-January 2002. Pacific Studies 25 (3): 119-128


Volume 25 Number 4 2002







Susanna Trnka

Introduction: Communities in Crisis (1-8)


Matt Tomlinson

Speaking of Coups before They Happen: Kadavu, May-June 1999 (9-28)


Stephen C. Leavitt

Chiefly Politics in the First Reactions in Rakiraki to the May 2000 Coup in Fiji (29-46)


Karen J. Brison

Disjunctures in Discourse: Emerging Identities after the 2000 Coup in Rakiraki, Fiji (47-68)


Susanna Trnka

Foreigners at Home: Discourses of Difference, Fiji Indians and the Looting of May 19 (69-92)


Tui Rakuita 

Taukei-Vulagi Philosophy and the Coup of 19 May 2000 (93-108)


Brij V.Lai

Afterword: The Debris (109-116)


Contributors (117)