Volume 22 Number 1 March 1999

Volume 22 Number 1 March 1999



Connell, John

Environmental Change, Economic Development, and Emigration in Tuvalu. Pacific Studies 22(1): 1-20.


Norton, Robert

Chiefs for the Nation: Containing Ethnonationalism and Bridging the Ethnic Divide in Fiji. Pacific Studies 22(1): 21-50.


Fu, Xuanning

Interracial Marriage and Status Exchange: A Study of Pacific Islanders in Hawai'i from 1983 to 1994. Pacific Studies 22(1): 51-76.


Allred, Kevin, Stephan Kempe and W.R. Halliday

Kenneth P. Emory and "Herbert C. Shipman Cave": A Long-standing Puzzle Solved. Pacific Studies 22(1): 77-92.




Mageo, Jeannette Marie

Toward Historicizing Gender in Polynesia: On Vilsoni Hereniko's Woven Gods and Regional Patterns. Pacific Studies 22(1): 93-122.




Hanlon, David

Remaking Micronesia: Discourses over Development in a Pacific Territory, 1944-1982 (Lin Poyer). Pacific Studies 22(1): 123-126.


Lewis, D. C.

The Plantation Dream: Developing British New Guinea and Papua, 1884-1942 (Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern). Pacific Studies 22(1): 126-128.


Tuzin, Donald

The Cassowary's Revenge: The Life and Death of Masculinity in a New Guinea Society. Pacific Studies 22(1): 128-130.


Rensel, Jan and Margaret Rodman, eds.

Home in the Islands: Housing and Social Change in the Pacific (Rebecca A. Stephenson). Pacific Studies 22(1): 130-133.


Miller, David Philip and Peter Hanns Reill, eds.

Visions of Empire: Voyages, Botany, and Representations of Nature (David Grandy). Pacific Studies 22(1): 133-136.




Graham, Trevor, dir.

Mabo: Life of an Island Man (Deborah Bird Rose). Pacific Studies 22(1): 137-139.


Choy, Christine, dir.

Not a Simple Story/Out in Silence,

Ayres, Tony, dir. and

China Dolls (Douglass P. Drozdow-St. Christian). Pacific Studies 22(1): 139-146.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, September 1998-January 1999. Pacific Studies 22(1):147-156.


Volume 22 Number 2 June 1999



Van Fossen, Anthony

Globalization, Stateless Capitalism, and the International Political Economy of Tonga's Satellite Venture. Pacific Studies 22(2): 1-26.


Moblo, Pennie

Ethnic Intercession: Leadership at Kalaupapa Leprosy Colony, 1871-1887. Pacific Studies 22(2): 27-70.


Macpherson, Cluny

Changing Contours of Kinship: The Impacts of Social and Economic Development on Kinship Organization in the South Pacific. Pacific Studies 22(2): 71-96.




Kempf, Wolfgang

Cosmologies, Cities, and Cultural Constructions of Space: Oceanic Enlargements of the World. Pacific Studies 22(2): 97-114.




Kneubuhl, John

Think of a Garden and Other Plays (Caroline Sinavaiana-Gabbard). Pacific Studies 22(2): 115-121.


Feingberg, Richard, ed.

Seafaring in the Contemporary Pacific Islands: Studies in Continuity and Change (Nicholas J. Goetzfridt). Pacific Studies 22(2): 121-127.


Lipset, David

Mangrove Man: Dialogics of Culture in the Sepik Estuary (Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern). Pacific Studies 22(2): 128-130.




Imaging Hawaiian Struggle and Self-Determination through the Works of Na Maka o ka 'Aina: Act of War-The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation, We Are Who We Were: From Resistance to Affirmation, The Tribunal, Makua-To Heal the Nation, E Ola ka 'Olelo Hawai'i (May the Hawaiian Language Live).

(J. Kehaulani Kauanui). Pacific Studies 22(2): 131-139.


Strong, Beret E. and Cinta Matagolai Kaipat, dirs.

Lieweila: A Micronesian Story (Suzanne Falgout and James West Turner). Pacific Studies 22(2): 139-141.


Hilton, Chris and Gauthier Flauder, dirs.

Advertising Missionaries;

Yacoe, Caroline, Wendy Arbeit, and G.B. Hajim, prods./dirs.

Pacific Passages (Marta Rohatynskyj). Pacific Studies 22(2): 141-146.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, February-May 1999. Pacific Studies 22(2): 147-154.




Volume 22 Numbers 3/4 Sept/Dec. 1999


SPECIAL ISSUE: Sustainability in the Small Island States of the Pacific




Stevens, Charles J.

Introduction: Defining and Understanding Sustainability in Small Island States. Pacific Studies 22(3/4): 1-12.


Lieber, Michael D.

The Sustainable, the Expendable, and the Obsolete. Pacific Studies 22(3/4): 13-46.


Dominy, Michele D.

Legislating a Sustainable Land Ethic for New Zealand. Pacific Studies 22(3/4): 47-80.


Nero, Karen L.

Accounting for Change: Bringing Interdependence into Defining Sustainability. Pacific Studies 22(3/4): 81-108.


Hess, Jim

Artisanal Coral Reef Fisheries and Sustainable Development: The Arno Atoll Fisheries Association. Pacific Studies 22(3/4): 109-136.


Evans, Mike

Is Tonga's MIRAB Economy Sustainable? A View from the Village and a View Without It. Pacific Studies 22(3/4): 137-166.


Shankman, Paul

Development, Sustainability, and the Deforestation of Samoa. Pacific Studies 22(3/4): 167-188.


Stevens, Charles J.

Taking Over What Belongs to God: The Historical Ecology of Tonga since European Contact. Pacific Studies 22(3/4): 189-220.