Volume 21 Numbers 1/2 March/June 1998

Volume 21 Numbers 1/2 March/June 1998



Spennemann, Dirk H. R.

Japanese Economic Exploitation of Central Pacific Seabird Populations, 1898-1915. Pacific Studies 21(1/2): 1-42.


Strathern, Andrew and Pamela J. Stewart

The Embodiment of Responsibility: "Confession" and "Compensation" in Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 21(1/2): 43-64.



Means, Robert S. and Russell T. Clement

Cumulative Index. Volumes 1-20. Pacific Studies Authors: 65-134, Titles: 134-176.



Volume 21 Number 3 September 1998



Carucci, Laurence Marshall

Working Wrongly and Seeking the Straight: Remedial Remedies on Enewetak Atoll. Pacific Studies 21(3): 1-28.


Feinberg, Richard

Righting Wrongs on Anuta. Pacific Studies 21(3): 29-50.


Westermark, George

History, Opposition, and Salvation in Agarabi Adventism. Pacific Studies 21(3): 51-72.


Dove, Carla J.

Feather Evidence Helps Clarify Locality of Anthropological Artifacts in the Museum of Mankind. Pacific Studies 21(3): 73-86.


Sturma, Michael

Dressing, Undressing, and Early European Contact in Australia and Tahiti. Pacific Studies 21(3): 87-104.




Venbrux, Eric

A Death in the Tiwi Islands: Conflict, Ritual, and Social Life in an Australian Aboriginal Community (Jane C. Goodale). Pacific Studies 21(3): 105-107.


Feinberg, Richard, and Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo, eds.

Leadership and Change in the Western Pacific: Essays Presented to Sir Raymond Firth on the Occasion of His Ninetieth Birthday (Dorothy Ayers Counts). Pacific Studies 21(3): 107-108.


Ward, R. Gerard, and Elizabeth Kingdon, eds.

Land, Custom, and Practice in the South Pacific (William C. Clarke). Pacific Studies 21(3): 109-113.


Garrett, John

Where Nets Were Cast: Christianity in Oceania since World War II (John Barker). Pacific Studies 21(3): 113-116.




Diaz, Vincente M., dir.

Sacred Vessels: Navigating Tradition and Identity in Micronesia (Marcelous Akapito and Joakim Peter). Pacific Studies 21(3): 117-121.


Metzgar, Eric, dir.

Spirits of the Voyage (David H. Lewis). Pacific Studies 21(3): 121-124.




Volume 21 Number 4 December 1998



Wetherell, David

The Anglicans in New Guinea and the Torres Strait Islands. Pacific Studies 21(4): 1-32.


Saura, Bruno

The Emergence of an Ethnic Millenarian Thinking and the Development of Nationalism in Tahiti. Pacific Studies 21(4): 33-66.


Ahlburg, Dennis A., Heidi J. Larson, and Tim Brown

The Potential Demographic Impact of HIV/AIDS in the Pacific. Pacific Studies 21(4): 67-82.


Russell, Scott

Gani Revisited: A Historical Overview of the Mariana Archipelago's Northern Islands. Pacific Studies 21(4): 83-106.




Pacific Islanders in Communications et al., prod.

Storytellers of the Pacific (Geoffrey M. White). Pacific Studies 21(4): 107-115.


Three films by Tracey Moffat

Nice Coloured Girls, Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy, and Bedevil (Jane C. Goodale). Pacific Studies 21(4): 115-117.


Nairn, Charlie, prod./dir.

A Death to Pay For: Individual Voices (Jason Carter and Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi). Pacific Studies 21(4): 118-121.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, September 1997-August 1998. Pacific Studies 21(4): 123-134.