Volume 2 Number 1 Fall 1978

Volume 2 Number 1 Fall 1978




Svet, Yakov M. and Svetlana G. Fedorova

1978 Captain Cook and the Russians. Pacific Studies 2(1): 1-19.


Edwards, Phyllis I.

1978 Sir Joseph Banks and the Botany of Captain Cook's Three Voyages of Exploration. Pacific Studies 2(1): 20-43.


Admiral de Brossard

1978 Laperouse's Expedition to the Pacific Northwest, 1785-88. Pacific Studies 2(1): 44-52.


Whitehead, Peter J.

1978 Zoological Collections brought back from Cook's Voyages. Pacific Studies 2(1): 53-93.




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Fijian Weapons and Warfare (Noel McGrevy). Pacific Studies 2(1): 98-99.


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The Changing Pacific-Essays in Honour of H.E. Maude (Nancy J. Pollock). Pacific Studies 2(1): 100-102.


Judd, Bernice and others

Hawaiian Language Imprints, 1822-1899 (Rubellite Kinney Johnson). Pacific Studies 2(1): 103-105.


Lewis, David

From Maui to Cook ( Ben R. Finney). Pacific Studies 2(1): 105-106.


Voyce, H. M.

Design Work as shown on Bouganville Arrows and Spears (Deborah B. Waite). Pacific Studies 2(1): 107-108.



Volume 2 Number 2 Spring 1979




Tumarkin, Daniel D.

1979 A Russian View of Hawaii in 1804. Pacific Studies 2(2): 109-131.


Pollock, Nancy J.

1979 Work, Wages, and Shifting Cultivation on Niue. Pacific Studies 2(2): 132-143.


Tagupa, William E. H.

1979 The Tahitian Language: A Historical and Vernacular Controversy. Pacific Studies 2(2): 144-155.


Feinberg, Richard

1979 The Role of the Ethnographer in Shaping Attitudes toward Anthropologist: A Case in Point. Pacific Studies 2(2): 156-166.


Hezel, Francis X.

1979 The Education Explosion in Truk. Pacific Studies 2(2): 167-185.




Ballendorf, Dirk A.

1979 The Community College of Micronesia. Pacific Studies 2(2): 186-192.




Grace, George W., ed.

Oceanic Linguistics (Ronald Shook). Pacific Studies 2(2): 193-197.


Harre, John and Claudia Knapman, eds.

Living in Town: Problems and Priorities in Urban Planning in the South Pacific. (Gary A. Glee) Pacific Studies 2(2): 195-207.