Volume 19 Number 1 March 1996

Volume 19 Number 1 March 1996



Guiart, Jean

Land Tenure and Hierarchies in Eastern Melanesia. Pacific Studies 19(1): 1-30.


Ogan, Eugene

Copra Came Before Copper: The Nasioi of Bougainville and Plantation Colonialism, 1902-1964. Pacific Studies 19(1): 31-52.


Gorle, Gilian

The Second Decade: The Theme of Social Change in Papua New Guinea Literature, 1979-1989. Pacific Studies 19(1): 53-90.


Hezel, Francis X. and Michael J. Levin

New Trends in Micronesian Migration: FSM Migration to Guam and the Marianas, 1990-1993. Pacific Studies 19(1): 91-114.


Steeves, Jeffrey S.

Unbounded Politics in the Solomon Islands: Leadership and Party Alignments. Pacific Studies 19(1): 115-138.




White, Geoffrey M.

Identity through History: Living Stories in a Solomon Islands Society (Margaret Jolly, Lin Poyer, Pascal Boyer). Pacific Studies 19(1): 139-159.


White, Geoffrey M.

Response. Pacific Studies 19(1): 160-172.




Neich, Roger

Painted Histories: Early Maori Figurative Painting (Toon Van Meijl). Pacific Studies 19(1): 173-178.


Hanson, F. Allan and Louise Hanson, eds.,

Art and Identity in Oceania (Alan Howard). Pacific Studies 19(1): 178-184.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, May-September 1995. Pacific Studies 19(1): 185-192.




Index, Pacific Studies Volumes 17-18.



Volume 19 Number 2 June 1996



Bennett, Judith A.

Logging Labor on Vanikoro, Solomon Islands: The Achievements of "the Most Feeble in the Commercial World," 1923-1964. Pacific Studies 19(2): 1-36.


Newbury, Colin

Mammon in Paradise: Economic Enterprise in Pacific Historiography. Pacific Studies 19(2): 37-58.


Donner, William W.

Lingua Franca and Vernacular: Language Use and Language Change on Sikaiana. Pacific Studies 19(2): 59-82.


Martini, Mary

The July Festival in the Marquesas Islands: "Youth" and Identity in a Valley Community. Pacific Studies 19(2): 83-104.


Dobbin, Jay D. and Francis X. Hezel, S.J.

The Distribution of Spirit Possession and Trance in Micronesia. Pacific Studies 19(2): 105-148.




Smith, Michael French

Hard Times on Kairiru Island: Poverty, Development, and Morality in a Papua New Guinea Village (David Lipset). Pacific Studies 19(2): 149-151.


Errington, Frederick K. and Deborah B. Gewertz

Articulating Change in the "Last Unknown" (Alexander H. Bolyanatz). Pacific Studies 19(2): 151-153.


Perminow, Arne Aleksej

The Long Way Home: Dilemmas of Everyday Life in a Tongan Village (C.J. Stevens). Pacific Studies 19(2): 153-156.


Smidt, Dirk, Pieter ter Keurs, and Albert Trouwborst, eds.

Pacific Material Culture: Essays in Honour of Dr. Simon Kooijman on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday (Sandra Bamford). Pacific Studies 19(2): 156-159.


Johnson, Donald D. with Gary Dean Best

The United States in the Pacific: Private Interests and Public Policies, 1784-1899 (Charles J. Weeks, Jr.). Pacific Studies 19(2): 160-161.


Armitage, Andrew

Comparing the Policy of Aboriginal Assimilation: Australia, Canada, and New Zealand (Ann Sullivan). Pacific Studies 19(2): 162-164.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, October 1995-February 1996. Pacific Studies 19(2): 165-172.



Volume 19 Number 3 September 1996



Percy, Carol E.

"To Study Nature Rather than Books": Captain James Cook as Naturalist Observer and Literary Author. Pacific Studies 19(3): 1-30.


Schmitt, Robert C.

How Many Hawaiians Live in Hawai'i? Pacific Studies 19(3): 31-36.


Gorenflo, L. J.

Demographic Change in the Republic of Palau. Pacific Studies 19(3): 37-106.


Barker, John

"Way Back in Papua": Representing Society and Change in the Publications of the London Missionary Society in New Guinea, 1871-1932. Pacific Studies 19(3): 107-142.




Welsch, Robert L.

Collaborative Regional Anthropology in New Guinea: From the New Guinea Micro-Evolution Project to the A.B. Lewis Project and Beyond. Pacific Studies 19(3): 143-186.




Dari, Willie, Vasiti Ligairi and Solange Petit-Skinner

Adolescents in Fiji (Ben Finney). Pacific Studies 19(3): 187-188.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, March-May 1996. Pacific Studies 19(3): 189-193.




Volume 19 Number 4 December 1996


SPECIAL ISSUE: Women, Age, and Power

The Politics of Age Difference Among Women in Papua New Guinea and Australia



Introduction by Dorothy Counts and Jeanette Dickerson-Putman, Guest Editor.




Counts, Dorothy and Jeanette Dickerson-Putman

Introduction. Pacific Studies 19(4): 1-14.


Bercovitch, Eytan

The Woman Who Ran Away: Gender, Power and Place among the Atbalmin of the West Sepik, Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 19(4): 15-40.


Dickerson-Putman, Jeanette

From Pollution to Empowerment: Women, Age, and Power among the Bena Bena of the Eastern Highlands. Pacific Studies 19(4): 41-70.


Zimmer-Tamakoshi, Laura

The Women at Kobum Spice Company: Tensions in a Local Age Stratification System and the Undermining of Local Development. Pacific Studies 19(4): 71-98.


Sykes, Karen

Making the Papua New Guinean Woman: The Extension of Women's Initiation Practices to Secondary Education in Central New Ireland. Pacific Studies 19(4): 99-130.


Goodale, Jane C.

Taramaguti Today: Changing Roles of Senior Tiwi Wives as Household Managers. Pacific Studies 19(4): 131-154.