Volume 18 Number 1 December 1995

Volume 18 Number 1 December 1995



Rossitto, Rosa

Stylistic Change in Fijian Pottery. Pacific Studies 18(1): 1-46.


Lal, Brij V.

Rabuka's Republic: The Fiji Snap Elections of 1994. Pacific Studies 18(1): 47-78.


Cordonnier, Isabelle

The French Government and the South Pacific during "Cohabitation," 1986-1988. Pacific Studies 18(1): 79-102.




Weiner, Annette B.

Inalienable Possessions: The Paradox of Keeping-While-Giving (Maria Lepowsky, Marc Auge, Jonathan Friedman, James F. Winer). Pacific Studies 18(1): 103-136.


Weiner, Annette B.

Response. Pacific Studies 18(1): 137-144.




Dunis, Serge

Ethnologie d'Hawai'i: "Homme de la petite eau, femme de la grande eau" (Ben Finney). Pacific Studies 18(1): 145-147.


Davis, Tom (Pa Tuterangi Ariki)

Island Boy: An Autobiography (Rebecca A. Stephenson). Pacific Studies 18(1): 147-151.


MacKenzie, Maureen Anne

Androgynous Objects: String Bags and Gender in Central New Guinea (Terence E. Hays). Pacific Studies 18(1): 152-155.


Lebot, Vincent, Mark Merlin and Lamont Lindstrom

Kava: The Pacific Drug (Glenn Petersen). Pacific Studies 18(1): 156-160.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, June-December 1994. Pacific Studies 18(1): 161-172.



Volume 18 Number 2 June 1995




Shineberg, Dorothy

"The New Hebridean Is Everywhere": The Oceanian Labor Trade to New Caledonia, 1865-1930. Pacific Studies 18(2): 1-22.


Gaffaney, Timothy J.

Linking Colonization and Decolonization: The Case of Micronesia. Pacific Studies 18(2): 23-60.


Boneparth, Ellen and M. James Wilkinson

Terminating Trusteeship for the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands: Independence and Self-Sufficiency in the Post-Cold War Pacific. Pacific Studies 18(2): 61-78.


Gorle, Gilian

The Theme of Social Change in the Literature of Papua New Guinea, 1969-1979. Pacific Studies 18(2): 79-114.




Wesley-Smith, Terence

Rethinking Pacific Islands Studies. Pacific Studies 18(2): 115-138.




Charlot, John

Some Recent Publications of Maori Texts:

Van Ballekom, Manu and Ray Harlow

Te Waiatatanga mai o te Atua: South Island Traditions Recorded by Matiaha Tiramorehu;

Hogan, Helen M.

Renata's Journey: Ko te Haerenga o Renata;

Orbell, Margaret

Traditional Maori Stories;

Ruatapu, Mohi

Nga Korero a Mohi Ruatapu Tohunga Rongonui o Ngati Porou: The Writings of Mohi Ruatapu;

Reedy, Anaru, trans. and ed.;

Smith, Ailsa

Songs and Stories of Taranaki: He Tuhituhinga Tai Hau-a-uru.

Pacific Studies 18(2): 139-150.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, January-February 1995. Pacific Studies 18(2): 151-158.




Volume 18 Number 3 September 1995



Rapaport, Moshe

Pearl Farming in the Tuamotus: Atoll Development and Its Consequences. Pacific Studies 18(3): 1-26.


Weeks, Charles J. Jr.

The Last Exile of Apolosi Nawai: A Case Study of Indirect Rule during the Twilight of the British Empire. Pacific Studies 18(3): 27-46.


Gorenflo, L. J.

Regional Demographic Change in Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia. Pacific Studies 18(3): 47-118.




Aldrich, Robert

France and the South Pacific since 1940; and

Henningham, Stephen

France and the South Pacific: A Contemporary History (Paul De Deckker, Colin Newbury, Michel Panoff). Pacific Studies 18(3): 119-132.


Aldrich, Robert

Response. Pacific Studies 18(3): 133-141.


Henningham, Stephen

Response. Pacific Studies 18(3): 142-146.




Melanesian Music on Compact Disc: Some Significant Issues (Peter Russell Crowe). Pacific Studies 18(3): 147-159.


Damas, David

Bountiful Island: A Study of Land Tenure on a Micronesian Atoll (Lin Poyer). Pacific Studies 18(3): 159-161.


Siikala, Jukka

'Akatokamanava: Myth, History, and Society in the Southern Cook Islands (Rebecca A. Stephenson). Pacific Studies 18(3): 161-168.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, March-April 1995. Pacific Studies 18(3): 169-172.



Volume 18 Number 4 December 1995



Whitehead, Harriet

Identifying Game Species with the Aid of Pictures in Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 18(4): 1-38.


Whistler, W. Arthur

Folk Plant Nomenclature in Polynesia. Pacific Studies 18(4): 39-60.


Drage, Jean

The Exception, Not the Rule: A Comparative Analysis of Women's Political Activity in Pacific Islands Countries. Pacific Studies 18(4): 61-94.


Kaitilla, Sababu

Principles, Practices, and Conflicts of Customary Land-Use Rights: Emerging Socioeconomic Exchange Systems in Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 18(4): 95-120.




Booth, Anne

Employment, Unemployment, and Access to Education: Policy Dilemmas for Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 18(4): 121-148.




Knauft, Bruce M.

South Coast New Guinea Cultures: History, Comparison, Dialectic (Andrew Strathern, Pierre Lemonnier, Gilbert Herdt). Pacific Studies 18(4): 149-175.


Knauft, Bruce M.

Response. Pacific Studies 18(4): 176-192.