Volume 17 Number 1 March 1994

Volume 17 Number 1 March 1994



Black, Peter W.

The Domestication of Catholicism on Tobi. Pacific Studies 17(1): 1-28.


Richards, Rhys

The Decision to Lotu: New Perspectives from Whaling Records on the Sources and Spread of Christianity in Samoa. Pacific Studies 17(1): 29-44.


Larmour, Peter

"A Foreign Flower"? Democracy in the South Pacific. Pacific Studies 17(1): 45-78.


Lynch, John and Kenneth Fakamuria

Borrowed Moieties, Borrowed Names: Sociolinguistic Contact between Tanna and Futuna-Aniwa, Vanuatu. Pacific Studies 17(1): 79-92.


Gorenflo, L. J. and Michael J. Levin

The Evolution of Regional Demography in the Marshall Islands. Pacific Studies 17(1): 93-158.




Fallon, John

The Papua New Guinea Economy: Prospects for Recovery, Reform, and Sustained Growth (Richard Jackson). Pacific Studies 17(1): 159-162.


Smith, Gary

Micronesia: Decolonization and US Military Interests in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (Norman Meller). Pacific Studies 17(1): 162-164.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, September-October 1993. Pacific Studies 17(1): 165-172.




Index, Pacific Studies Volumes 15-16: 175.

Volume 17 Number 2 June 1994



Chappell, David A.

Secret Sharers: Indigenous Beachcombers in the Pacific Islands. Pacific Studies 17(2): 1-22.


Marshall, Mac, Rocky Sexton and Lee Insko

Inhalant Abuse in the Pacific Islands: Gasoline Sniffing in Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia. Pacific Studies 17(2): 23-38.


James, Kerry E.

Effeminate Males and Changes in the Construction of Gender in Tonga. Pacific Studies 17(2): 39-70.


Ahlburg, Dennis A.

Return Migration from the United States to American Samoa: Evidence from the 1980 and 1990 Censuses. Pacific Studies 17(2): 71-84.




McCall, Grant

Rapanui Images. Pacific Studies 17(2): 85-102.




Obeyesekere, Gananath

The Apotheosis of Captain Cook: European Mythmaking in the Pacific (David Hanlon, Lilikala Keme'eleihiwa, Nicholas Thomas, Valerio Valeri). Pacific Studies 17(2): 103-135.


Obeyesekere, Gananath

Response. Pacific Studies 17(2): 136-156.




Mitchell, William E., ed.,

Clowning as Critical Practice: Performance Humor in the South Pacific (Richard Feinberg). Pacific Studies 17(2): 157-160.


Haberkorn, Gerald

Port Vila: Transit Station or Final Stop? (Lamont Lindstrom). Pacific Studies 17(2): 160-162.


Henningham, Stephen, R. J. May with Lulu Turner, eds.,

Resources, Development, and Politics in the Pacific Islands (Albert B. Robillard). Pacific Studies 17(2): 162-166.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, November 1993-January 1994. Pacific Studies 17(2): 167-170.




Volume 17 Number 3 September 1994



Besnier, Niko

The Truth and Other Irrelevant Aspects of Nukulaelae Gossip. Pacific Studies 17(3): 1-40.


Barker, Judith C.

Home Alone: The Effects of Out-Migration on Niuean Elders' Living Arrangements and Social Supports. Pacific Studies 17(3): 41-82.


Macpherson, Cluny

Changing Patterns of Commitment to Island Homelands: A Case Study of Western Samoa. Pacific Studies 17(3): 83-116.


Flinn, Juliana

From Sea and Garden to School and Town: Changing Gender and Household Patterns among Pollap Atoll Migrants. Pacific Studies 17(3): 117-132.


Hauser-Schaublin, Brigitta

The Track of the Triangle: Form and Meaning in the Sepik, Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 17(3): 133-170.




Gell, Alfred

Wrapping in Images: Tattooing in Polynesia (Peter Gathercole). Pacific Studies 17(3): 171-176.


Dening, Greg

Mr Bligh's Bad Language: Passion, Power, and Theatre on the "Bounty" (Karen Stevenson). Pacific Studies 17(3): 177-180.


Lal, Brij V., Doug Munro, and Edward D. Beechert, eds.,

Plantation Workers: Resistance and Accommodation (Colin Newbury). Pacific Studies 17(3): 180-184.



Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, February-May 1994. Pacific Studies 17(3): 185-193.




Volume 17 Number 4 December 1994


SPECIAL ISSUE: Children of Kilibob

Creation, Cosmos, and Culture in Northeast New Guinea





Harding, Thomas G., David R. Counts, and Alice Pomponio.

Introduction. Pacific Studies 17(4): 1-10.


McSwain, Romola

Kulbob and Manub: Past and Future Creator Deities of Karkar Island. Pacific Studies 17(4): 11-28.


Harding, Thomas G. and Stephen A. Clark

The Sio Story of Male. Pacific Studies 17(4): 29-92.


Pomponio, Alice

Namor's Odyssey: Mythical Metaphors and History in Siassi. Pacific Studies 17(4): 53-92.


Ploeg, Anton

Mala among the Kowai. Pacific Studies 17(4): 93-108.


Counts, Dorothy Ayers

Snakes, Adulterers, and the Loss of Paradise in Kaliai. Pacific Studies 17(4): 109-152.


McPherson, Naomi M.

The Legacy of Moro the Snake-man in Bariai. Pacific Studies 17(4): 153-182.


Thurston, William R.

The Legend of Titikolo: An Anem Genesis. Pacific Studies 17(4): 183-204.