Volume 15 Number 1 March 1992

Volume 15 Number 1 March 1992



Gorenflo, L.J. and Michael J. Levin

Regional Demographic Change in Pohnpei State, Federated State of Micronesia. Pacific Studies 15(1): 1-50.


Rubinstein, Donald H.

Suicide in Micronesia and Samoa: A Critique of Explanations. Pacific Studies 15(1): 51-76.


Campbell, I.C.

The Emergence of Parliamentary Politics in Tonga. Pacific Studies 15(1): 77-98.




Larmour, Peter

States and Socities in the Pacific Islands. Pacific Studies 15(1): 99-122.




Strathern, Marilyn

The Gender of the Gift: Problems with Women and Problems with Society in Melanesia (Paula Brown, Roger M. Keesing, Margaret Jolly). Pacific Studies 15(1): 123-148.


Strathern, Marilyn

Response. Pacific Studies 15(1): 149-160.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, April-August 1991. Pacific Studies 15(1): 161-168.



Index, Pacific Studies Volumes 10-14.



Volume 15 Number 2 June 1992



Zorn, Jean G.

Graun Bilong Mipela: Local Land Courts and the Changing Customary Law of Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 15(2): 1-38.


Wagner-Wright, Sandra

When Unity Is Torn Asunder: The Distressing Case of Thomas and Lucia Holman. Pacific Studies 15(2): 39-60.


Moore, Clive

Revising the Revisionists: The Historiography of Immigrant Melanesians in Australia. Pacific Studies 15(2): 61-86.




Larmour, Peter

The Politics of Race and Ethnicity: Theoretical Perspectives on Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 15(2): 87-108.




Thomas, Nicholas

Out of Time: History and Evolution in Anthropological Discourse (Jonathan Friedman, David Hanlon, Bradd Shore, Richard J. Parmentier). Pacific Studies 15(2): 109-141.

Thomas, Nicholas

Response. Pacific Studies 15(2): 142-158.




Schieffelin, Bambi B.

The Give and Take of Everyday Life: Language Socialization of Kaluli Children (Terence E. Hays). Pacific Studies 15(2): 159-162.


Ochs, Elinor

Culture and Language Development: Language Acquisition and Language Socialization in a Samoan Village (Jeannette Marie Mageo). Pacific Studies 15(2): 162-168.


Brunton, Ron

The Abandoned Narcotic: Kava and Cultural Instability in Melanesia (Mac Marshall). Pacific Studies 15(2): 168-173.


Malo, Davida (Malcolm Naea Chun, Ed.)

Ka Mo'olelo Hawaii (Hawaiian Antiquities).

Chun, Malcolm Naea

Hawaiian Medicine Book, He Buke Laau Lapaau

(John Charlot). Pacific Studies 15(2): 173-178.


Wilson, John, ed.

From the Beginning: The Archaeology of the Maori (Ian G. Barber). Pacific Studies 15(2): 178-183.


Tremewan, Peter

French Akaroa: An Attempt to Colonise Southern New Zealand (Alan Clark). Pacific Studies 15(2): 183-185.


Robie, David

Blood on Their Banner: Nationalist Struggles in the South Pacific (John Connell). Pacific Studies 15(2): 185-188.


Leibowitz, Arnold H.

Defining Status: A Comprehensive Analysis of United States Territorial Relations (Robert F. Rogers and Dirk A. Ballendorf). Pacific Studies 15(2): 188-190.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, September-October 1991. Pacific Studies 15(2): 191-198.




Volume 15 Number 3 September 1992



Bare, Jean-Francois

Talking Economics in Tahitian: A Few Comments. Pacific Studies 15(3): 1-24.


McCallum, Wayne

European Loyalist and Polynesian Political Dissent in New Caledonia: The Other Challenge to RPCR Orthodoxy. Pacific Studies 15(3): 25-58.


Campbell, I.C.

A Historical Perspective on Aid and Dependency: The Example of Tonga. Pacific Studies 15(3): 59-76.


Young, John A.

Social Protest and Spontaneous Development: A Contemporary Social Movement in Fiji. Pacific Studies 15(3): 77-114.




Hart Nibbrig, Nand E.

Rascals in Paradise: Urban Gangs in Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 15(3): 115-134.




Grimshaw, Patricia

Paths of Duty: American Missionary Wives in Nineteenth-Century Hawaii (Claudia Knapman, John Young, Nancy F. Cott, Mary Catherine Bateson). Pacific Studies 15(3): 135-155.


Grimshaw, Patricia

Response. Pacific Studies 15(3): 156-170.




Linnekin, Jocelyn

Sacred Queens and Women of Consequence: Rank, Gender, and Colonialism in the Hawaiian Islands (Judith Huntsman). Pacific Studies 15(3): 171-174.


Thompson, Laura

Beyond the Dream: A Search for Meaning (Leonard Mason). Pacific Studies 15(3): 174-180.


Blixen, Olaf

'I te matamu'a: Fundamentos de la cosmovision Polinesia (Mario Califano). Pacific Studies 15(3): 180-183.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, November-December 1991. Pacific Studies 15(3): 185-192.



Volume 15 Number 4 December 1992


SPECIAL ISSUE: The Arts and Politics




Nero, Karen L., Guest Editor

Introduction: Challenging Communications in the Contemporary Pacific. Pacific Studies 15(4): 1-12.


Petersen, Glenn

Dancing Defiance: The Politics of Pohnpeian Dance Performances. Pacific Studies 15(4): 13-28.


Pinsker, Eve C.

Celebrations of Government: Dance Performance and Legitimacy in the Federated States of Micronesia. Pacific Studies 15(4): 29-56.


Flinn, Juliana

Pulapese Dance: Asserting Identity and Tradition in Modern Contexts. Pacific Studies 15(4): 57-66.


Donner, William W.

It's the Same Old Song but with a Different Meaning: Community and Ethnicity in Sikaiana Expressive Culture. Pacific Studies 15(4): 67-82.


Howard, Alan

Symbols of Power and the Politics of Impotence: The Molmahao Rebellion on Rotuma. Pacific Studies 15(4): 83-116.


Stevenson, Karen

Politicization of la Culture Ma'ohi: The Creation of a Tahitian Cultural Identity. Pacific Studies 15(4): 117-136.


Jones, Anna Laura

Women, Art, and the Crafting of Ethnicity in Contemporary French Polynesia. Pacific Studies 15(4): 137-154.


Duranti, Alessandro

Heteroglossia in Samoan Oratory. Pacific Studies 15(4): 155-176.


Hereniko, Vilsoni

The Monster (A Fantasy). A One-Act Play, with an Interview with the Playwright. Pacific Studies 15(4): 177-198.


Sinavaiana, Caroline

Comic Theater in Samoa as Indigenous Media. Pacific Studes 15(4): 199-210.


Billings, Dorothy K.

The Theater of Politics: Contrasting Types of Performance in Melanesia. Pacific Studies 15(4): 211-234.


Nero, Karen L.

The Breadfruit Tree Story: Mythological Transformations in Palauan Politics. Pacific Studies 15(4): 235-260.


Fitzpatrick, Judith

"Planem Family Blong Iu": Poster Art in the Solomon Islands. Pacific Studies 15(4): 261-282.


Sinclair, Karen P.

Maori Literature: Protest and Affirmation. Pacific Studies 15(4): 283-310.


Kaeppler, Adrienne L.

Epilogue: States of the Arts. Pacific Studies 15(4): 311-318.