Volume 14 Number 1 November 1990

Volume 14 Number 1 November 1990



Duranti, Alessandro

Code Switching and Conflict Management in Samoan Multiparty Interaction. Pacific Studies 14(1): 1-30.


Fitzgerald, Maureen H. and Alan Howard

Aspects of Social Organization in Three Samoan Communities. Pacific Studies 14(1): 31-54.


Meller, Norman

The Micronesian Executive: The Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, and the Marshall Islands. Pacific Studies 14(1): 55-72.


Simpson, Grant R.

Wallerstein's World-Systems Theory and the Cook Islands: A Critical Examination. Pacific Studies 14(1): 73-94.




Roughan, John

The Nongovernmental Organization Factor in Development: A View from the Solomon Islands. Pacific Studies 14(1): 95-108.




Keesing, Roger M.

Melanesian Pidgin and the Oceanic Substrate (Jeff Siegel, Vladimir Belikov, Derek Bickerton, Suzanne Romaine, Peter Muhlhausler). Pacific Studies 14(1): 109-150.


Keesing, Roger M.

Response. Pacific Studies 14(1): 151-166.




Culliney, John L.

Islands in a Far Sea: Nature and Man in Hawaii (Mark Merlin). Pacific Studies 14(1): 167-169.


Krauss, Bob

Keneti: South Seas Adventures of Kenneth Emory (Bengt Danielsson). Pacific Studies 14(1): 169-171.



Moffat, Riley M.

Selected Acquisitions, January 1988-March 1989. Pacific Studies 14(1): 173-185.


Volume 14 Number 2 March 1991



Duggan, Stephen J.

The Failure of Economic Reform in the Sepik: The Role of Church and State in Economic Development. Pacific Studies 14(2): 1-28.


Hassall, Graham

The Failure of the Tommy Kabu Movement: A Reassessment of the Evidence. Pacific Studies 14(2): 29-52.


Milne, Simon

The Economic Impact of Tourism in Kiribati. Pacific Studies 14(2): 53-70.


Purcell, David C., Jr.

Suicide in Micronesia: The 1920s and 1930s. Pacific Studies 14(2): 71-86.




Connell, John

The New Micronesia: Pitfalls and Problems of Dependent Development. Pacific Studies 14(2): 87-120.




Lederman, Rena

What Gifts Engender: Social Relations and Politics in Mendi, Highland Papua New Guinea (Mark S. Mosko, Alan Rumsey, D'Arcy Ryan, Andrew Strathern). Pacific Studies 14(2): 121-141.


Lederman, Rena

Response. Pacific Studies 14(2): 142-156.




LeRoy, John

Fabricated World: An Interpretation of Kewa Tales

LeRoy, John, ed.

Kewa Tales

(Jeffrey Clark). Pacific Studies 14(2): 157-160.


Grimble, Arthur Francis

Tungaru Traditions: Writings on the Atoll Culture of the Gilbert Islands (H. G. A. Hughes). Pacific Studies 14(2): 160-165.


Craig, Robert D.

Dictionary of Polynesian Mythology (Margaret Orbell). Pacific Studies 14(2): 165-167.


David, Andrew C. F., chief ed,

The Charts & Coastal Views of Captain Cook's Voyages. Vol. 1, The Voyage of the Endeavour 1768-1771: With a Descriptive Catalogue of All the Known Original Surveys and Coastal Views and the Original Engravings Associated with Them, Together with Origianal Drawings of the Endeavour and Her Boats (Riley M. Moffat). Pacific Studies 14(2): 167-169.


Spate, O. H. K.

The Pacific since Magellan. Vol. 3, Paradise Found and Lost (David Mackay). Pacific Studies 14(2): 169-171.


Oliver, Douglas

Return to Tahiti: Bligh's Second Breadfruit Voyage (Hugh Laracy). Pacific Studies 14(2): 171-173.


Kirch, Patrick V. and Terry L. Hunt, eds.

Archaeology of the Lapita Cultural Complex: A Critical Review (Jim Specht). Pacific Studies 14(2): 173-178.


Morgan, William N.

Prehistoric Architecture in Micronesia (Hiro Kurashina). Pacific Studies 14(2): 179-183.


Hanlon, David

Upon a Stone Altar: A History of the Island of Pohnpei to 1890 (Marty Zelenietz). Pacific Studies 14(2): 183-185.


Ward, Martha C.

Nest in the Wind: Adventures in Anthropology on a Tropical Island, (Suzanne Falgout). Pacific Studies 14(2): 185-187.


Peattie, Mark R.

Nan'yõ: The Rise and Fall of the Japanese in Micronesia, 1885-1945 (Greg Gubler). Pacific Studies 14(2): 187-189.


Tom, Nancy Y. W.

The Chinese in Western Samoa, 1875-1985 (Doug Munro). Pacific Studies 14(2): 189-191.


Alailima, Fay

Aggie Grey: A Samoan Saga (Paul Shankman). Pacific Studies 14(2): 191-192.


Nordyke, Eleanor

The Peopling of Hawaii. 2d ed. (Noel J. Kent). Pacific Studies 14(2): 193-194.


Haas, Michael

The Pacific Way: Regional Cooperation in the South Pacific (Simon Milne). Pacific Studies 14(2): 194-197.


Fairbairn, Te'o I. J., ed.

Island Entrepreneurs: Problems and Performances in the Pacific (Mike Donaldson). Pacific Studies 14(2): 197-202.


Huber, Mary Taylor

The Bishops' Progress: A Historical Ethnography of Catholic Missionary Experience on the Sepik Frontier (Terence E. Hays). Pacific Studies 14(2): 202-207.


Britsch, R. Lanier

Moramona: The Mormons in Hawaii (M. Guy Bishop). Pacific Studies 14(2): 208-209.


Sutton, Peter, ed.

Dreamings: The Art of Aboriginal Australia (Robert Layton). Pacific Studies 14(2): 209-212.


Cowlishaw, Gillian

Black, White, or Brindle: Race in Rural Australia (Victoria K. Burbank). Pacific Studies 14(2): 212-215.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, July 1989-June 1990. Pacific Studies 14(2): 215-232.






Volume 14 Number 3 July 1991



Mageo, Jeannette Marie

Inhibitions and Compensations: A Study of the Effects of Negative Sanctions in Three Pacific Cultures. Pacific Studies 14(3): 1-40.


Teilhet-Fisk, Jehanne H.

To Beat or Not to Beat, That Is the Question: A Study on Acculturation and Change in an Art-making Process and Its Relation to Gender Structures. Pacific Studies 14(3): 41-68.


Shutte, Heinz

"Stori Bilong Wanpela Man Nem Bilong em Toboalilu," the Death of Godeffroy's Kleinschmidt, and the Perception of History. Pacific Studies 14(2): 69-96.


Gorenflo, L. J. and Michael J. Levin

Regional Demographic Change in Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia. Pacific Studies 14(3): 97-146.




Parmentier, Richard J.

The Sacred Remains: Myth, History, and Polity in Belau (Mary S. McCutcheon, Mac Marshall, DeVerne Reed Smith). Pacific Studies 14(3): 147-168.


Parmentier, Richard J.

Response. Pacific Studies 14(3):169-180.




Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, July-December 1990. Pacific Studies 14(3): 181-196.




Volume 14 Number 4 December 1991



Zorn, Jean G.

Making Law in Papua New Guinea: The Influence of Customary Law on the Common Law. Pacific Studies 14(4): 1-34.


Cameron, John

Economic Development Options for the Federated States of Micronesia at Independence. Pacific Studies 14(4): 35-70.


Bonnemaison, Joel

Magic Gardens in Tanna. Pacific Studies 14(4): 71-90.


Hays, Terence E.

"No Tobacco, No Hallelujah": Missions and the Early History of Tobacco in Eastern Papua. Pacific Studies 14(4): 91-112.




Welsch, Robert L. and John Terrell

Continuity and Change in Economic Relations along the Aitape Coast of Papua New Guinea, 1909-1990. Pacific Studies 14(4): 113-128.




Oliver, Douglas L.

The Pacific Islands, third edition (Colin Newbury, K.R. Howe, Caroline Ralston, Jean Francois Bare). Pacific Studies 14(4): 129-148.


Harding, Thomas G.

Response. Pacific Studies 14(4): 149-156.


Oliver, Douglas L.

Response. Pacific Studies 14(4): 157-158.




Langridge, Marta, trans. and Jennifer Terrell, ed.

Von den Steinen's Marquesan Myths (Katharine Luomala). Pacific Studies 14(4): 159-173.


Knipe, Rita

The Water of Life: A Jungian Journey through Hawaiian Myth (Renate Von Gizycki). Pacific Studies 14(4): 173-176.


Thomas, Allan, Ineleo Tuia and Judith Huntsman, eds.

Songs and Stories of Tokelau: An Introduction to the Cultural Heritage (Richard Moyle). Pacific Studies 14(4): 176-178.


Feldman, Jerome and Donald H. Rubinstein, eds.

The Art of Micronesia (Richard J. Parmentier). Pacific Studies 14(4): 178-182.


Langmore, Diane

Missionary Lives: Papua, 1874-1914 (David Wetherell). Pacific Studies 14(4): 182-188.


Campbell, Ian C.

A History of the Pacific Islands (Glen St. J. Barclay). Pacific Studies 14(4): 188-190.


Spoonley, Paul

The Politics of Nostalgia: Racism and the Extreme Right in New Zealand (Stephen Levine). Pacific Studies 14(4): 190-192.



Moffat, Riley M.

Recent Pacific Islands Publications: Selected Acquisitions, January-March 1991. Pacific Studies 14(4): 193-199.