Volume 13 Number 1 November 1989

Volume 13 Number 1 November 1989



Mason, Leonard

A Marshallese Nation Emerges from the Political Fragmentation of American Micronesia. Pacific Studies 13(1): 1-46.


Hezel, Francis X. and Thomas B. McGrath

The greal Flight Northward: FSM Migration to Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. Pacific Studies 13(1): 47-64.


Weisbrot, David

Custom, Pluralism, and Realism in Vanuatu: Legal Development and the Role of Customary Law. Pacific Studies 13(1): 65-98.


Dwyer, Larry

Tourist Hotel Food and Beverage Imports in Fiji and Vanuatu. Pacific Studies 13(1): 99-120.


St. John, Harold

Gaudichaud's Record of Hawaiian Veracular Names for Plants. Pacific Studies 13(1): 121-126.




Walter, Richard

Lapita Fishing Strategies: A Review of the Archaeological and Linguistic Evidence. Pacific Studies 13(1): 127-150.




Lutz, Catherine A.

Unnatural Emotions: Everyday Sentiments on a Micronesian Atoll and Their Challenge to Western Theory (Donald H. Rubinstein). Pacific Studies 13(1): 151-155.


Young, Michael W., ed.

Malinowski among the Magi: "The Natives of Mailu" (George W. Stocking, Jr.). Pacific Studies 13(1): 155-157.


Jackman, Harry H.

Copra Marketing and Price Stabilization in Papua New Guinea: A History to 1975 (Nancy McDowell). Pacific Studies 13(1): 157-159.


Ralston, Caroline and Nicholas Thomas, eds.

Sanctity and Power: Gender in Polynesian History (Wendy E. Cowling). Pacific Studies 13(1): 159-163.


Metge, Joan

In and Out of Touch: Whakamaa in Cross Cultural Context (Timoti S. Karetu). Pacific Studies 13(1): 164-166.


Langdon, Robert

The Lost Caravel Re-explored (Barry Morton Gough). Pacific Studies 13(1): 166-168.


Davis, Lynn Ann, with Nelson Foster

A Photographer in the Kingdom: Christian J. Hedemann's Early Images of Hawai'i (John Charlot). Pacific Studies 13(1): 168-171.


Allen, Helena G.

Stanford Ballard Dole: Hawaii's Only President, 1844-1926 (Ruth Tabrah). Pacific Studies 13(1): 171-174.





Volume 13 Number 2 March 1990



Nash, Jill and Eugene Ogan

The Red and The Black: Bougainvillean Perceptions of Other Papua New Guineans. Pacific Studies 13(2): 1-18.


Feinberg, Richard

The Solomon Islands' Tenth Anniversary of Independence: Problems of National Symbolism and National Integration. Pacific Studies 13(2): 19-40.


Kirch, Patrick V.

Regional variation and Local Style: A Neglected Dimension in Hawaiian Prehistory. Pacific Studies 13(2): 41-54.


Bathgate, Jane

Moe'Uhane – The Dream: An Account of the Dream in Traditional Hawaiian Culture. Pacific Studies 13(2): 55-76.


Lacey, Roderic

Temps Perdu et Temps Vecu: Cross-Cultural Nuances in the Experience of Time among the Enga. Pacific Studies 13(2): 77-102.


Tumarkin, D.D. and I. K. Fedorova

Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay and Easter Island. Pacific Studies 13(2): 103-108.




Faleomavaega, Eni F. H.

Some Perspectives on American Samoa's Political Relationship with the United States. Pacific Studies 119-124.




Feinberg, Richard

Polynesian Seafaring and Navigation: Ocean Travel in Anutan Culture and Society (Philip R. DeVita). Pacific Studies 13(2): 125-128.


Rodman, Margaret Critchlow

Deep Water: Development and Change in Pacific Viallage Fisheries (Joel Bonnemaison). Pacific Studies 13(2): 128-129.


Buchholz, Hanns J.

Law of the Sea Zones in the Pacific Ocean (Edward Miles). Pacific Studies 13(2): 129-131.


Hailey, John M.

Entrepreneurs and Indigenous Business in the Pacific (Colin Aislabie). Pacific Studies 13(2): 131-136.


Donaldson, Mike and Kenneth Good

Articulated Agricultural Development: Traditional and Capitalist Agricultures in Papua New Guinea (Ben Finney). Pacific Studies 13(2): 136-138.


Joshephides, Lisette

The Production of Inequality: Gender and Exchange among the Kewa (Leopold Pospisil). Pacific Studies 13(2): 138-142.


Huber-Greub, Barbara

Kokospalmenmenschen. Boden und Alltag und ihre Bedeutung im Selbstverstandnis der Abelam von Kimbangwa (East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea) (Brigitta Hauser-Schaublin). Pacific Studies 13(2): 142-143.


Knoll, Arthur J. and Lewis H. Gann, eds.

Germans in the Tropics: Essays in German Colonial History (John A. Moses). Pacific Studies 13(2): 144-146.


Moyle, Richard

Traditional Samoan Music (Elizabeth Tatar). Pacific Studies 13(2): 146-155.


Johnston, Carol Morton and Harry Morton

The Farthest Corner: New Zealand – A Twice Discovered Land (Gordon R. Lewthwaite). Pacific Studies 13(2): 155-158.


Cowan-Smith, Virginia and Bonnie Domrose Stone

Aloha Cowboy (Marie D. Strazar). Pacific Studies 13(2): 158-161.




Volume 13 Number 3 July 1990


SPECIAL ISSUE: Domestic Violence in Oceania

Inroduction by Dorothy Ayers Counts, Guest Editor.




Korbin, Jill E.

Hana 'Ino: Child Maltreatment in a Hawaiian-American Community. Pacific Studies 13(3): 7-22.


Aucoin, Pauline McKenzie

Domestic Violence and Social Relations of Conflict in Fiji. Pacific Studies 13(3): 23-42.


Lateef, Shireen

Rule by the Danda: Domestic Violence among Indo-Fijians. Pacific Studies 13(3): 43-62.


Nero, Karen L.

The Hidden Pain: Drunkenness and Domestic Violence in Palau. Pacific Studies 13(3): 63-92.


Carucci, Laurence Marshall

Negotiations of Violence in the Marshallese Household. Pacific Studies 13(3): 93-114.


Lewis, David E. Jr.

Tungaru Conjugal Jealousy and Sexual Mutilation. Pacific Studies 13(3): 115-126.


Nash, Jill

Factors Relating to Infrequent Domestic Violence among the Nagovisi. Pacific Studies 13(3): 127-140.


Mitchell, William E.

Why Wape men Don't Beat Their Wives: Constraints toward Domestic Tranquility in a New Guinea Society. Pacific Studies 13(3): 141-150.


Counts, Dorothy Ayers

Beaten Wife, Suicidal Woman: Domestic Violence in Kaliai, West New Britain. Pacific Studies 13(3): 151-170.


McDowell, Nancy

Person, Assertion, and Marriage: On the Nature of Household Violence in Bun. Pacific Studies 13(3): 171-188.


Scaglion, Richard

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Woman? Family Violence in Abelam Society. Pacific Studies 13(3): 189-204.


Zimmer, Laura J.

Conflict and Violence in Gende Society: Older Persons as Victims, Troublemakers, and Perpetrators. Pacific Studies 13(3): 205-224.


Counts, Dorothy Ayers, Guest Editor

Domestic Violence in Oceania: Conclusion. Pacific Studies 13(3): 225-254.




Stannard, David E.

Before the Horror: The Population of Hawai'i on the Eve of Western Conflict. (Terry L. Hunt, Ann F. Ramenofsky, Francis L. Black, Lynette Cruz and J. Kalani English). Pacific Studies 13(3): 255-283.


Stannard, David E.

Response. Pacific Studies 13(3): 284-302