Volume 12 Number 1 November 1988

Volume 12 Number 1 November 1988


SPECIAL ISSUE: Political Change in the Pacific

Inroduction by Stephen Levine, Guest Editor.




Clark, Alan

Constitutional Dynamic, Political Risk: Self-Determination in New Caledonia, 1986-1987. Pacific Studies 12(1): 5-22.


Shuster, Donald R.

Elections, Compact, and Assassination in the Republic of Palau. Pacific Studies 12(1): 23-48.


Rogers, Robert F.

Guam's Quest for Political Identity. Pacific Studies 12(1): 49-70.


Lal, Brij. V.

Before the Storm: An Analysis of the Fiji General Election of 1987. Pacific Studies 12(1): 71-96.


Tagupa, William E. H.

The 1987 Westminster Constitutional Crisis in Fiji. Pacific Studies 12(1): 97-152.




Hayes, Peter, Lyuba Zarsky, and Walden Bello

American Lake: Nuclear Peril in the Pacific (Char Miller). Pacific Studies 12(1): 153-159.


Firth, Stewart

Nuclear Playground (F. Allan Hanson). Pacific Studies 12(1): 159-161.


Knapman, Bruce

Fiji's Economic History, 1874-1939: Studies of Capitalist Colonial Develpment (John Overton). Pacific Studies 12(1): 161-163.


Taylor, Michael, ed.

Fiji: Future Imperfect? (Robert Norton). Pacific Studies 12(1): 163-168.


Knapman, Claudia

White Women in Fiji, 1835-1930: The Ruin of Empire? (Noeline V. Hall). Pacific Studies 12(1): 168-171.


Souder-Jaffery, Laura Marie Torres

Daughters of the Island: Contemporary Charmorro Women Organizers on Guam (Eve C. Pinsker). Pacific Studies 12(1): 171-175.


Levine, Stephen and Raj Vasil

Maori Political Perspectives: He Whakaaro Maori Mo Nga Ti Kanga Kawanatanga (Michele D. Dominy). Pacific Studies 12(1): 175-179.


Ballara, Angela

Proud to Be White? A Survey of Pakeha Prejudice in New Zealand (Barbara Harrison). Pacific Studies 12(1): 180-183.


Cameron, Ian

Lost Paradise: The Exploration of the Pacific (O. H. K. Spate). Pacific Studies 12(1): 183-186.


Fitzpatrick, Gary L. with Riley M. Moffat

Palapala'aina: The Early Mapping of Hawai'i (Norman J. W. Thrower). Pacific Studies 12(1): 186-188.


Bach, John

The Australia Station: A History of the Royal Navy in the South West Pacific, 1821-1913 (Joseph C. Meredith). Pacific Studies 12(1): 188-197.


Latouche, Jean-Paul

Mythistoire Tungaru: Cosmologies et genealogies au iles Gilbert (H. G. A. Hughes). Pacific Studies 12(1): 193-198.


Note: DePeyster's Rebecca Logbook. Pacific Studies 12(1): 198.



Volume 12 Number 2 March 1989




Hanlon, David

Micronesia: Writing and Rewriting the Histories of a Nonetity. Pacific Studies 12(2): 1-22.


Ahlburg, Dennis A.

Demographic Pressures on Health, Education and Employment Resources in the South Pacific Region. Pacific Studies 12(2): 23-32.


MacQueen, Norman

Sharpening the Spearhead: Subregionalism in Melanesia. Pacific Studies 12(2): 33-52.


Pollock, Nancy J.

The Early Development of Housekeeping and Imports in Fiji. Pacific Studies 12(2): 53-82.




Lacey, Roderic

"A Gulf of Style": Experiences in the Practice of Oral History with the Enga. Pacific Studies 12(2): 83-102.




Poulsen, Jens

Early Tongan Prehistory: The Lapita Period on Tongatapu and Its Relationships (Janet Davidson). Pacific Studies 12(2): 103-106.


Ferdon, Edwin N.

Early Tonga As the Explorers Saw It, 1616-1810 (Phyllis S. Herda). Pacific Studies 12(2): 106-108.


Moyle, Richard

Tongan Music (Larry V. Shumway). Pacific Studies 12(2): 108-112.


Charlot, John

The Kamapua'a Literature: The Classical Traditions of the Hawaiian Pig God as a Body of Literature (Renate von Gizycki). Pacific Studies 12(2): 112-115.


Day, A. Grove

Mad about Islands: Novelists of a Vanished Pacific (Steven Goldsberry). Pacific Studies 12(2): 115-119.


Belich, James

The New Zealand Wars and the Victorian Interpretation of Racial Conflict (Keith Sinclair). Pacific Studies 12(2): 119-121.


Connell, John

New Caledonia or Kanaky? The Political History of a French Colony (Alan Clark). Pacific Studies 12(2): 121-127.


Skully, Michael T.

Financial Institutions and Markets in the South Pacific (Te'o I. J. Fairbairn). Pacific Studies 12(2): 127-131.


Ushijima, Iwao and Ken-ichi Sudo, eds.,

Cultural Uniformity and Diversity in Micronesia (William H. Alkire). Pacific Studies 12(2): 131-134.


Suzuki, Tsuguyoshi and Ryutaro Ohtsuka, eds.

Human Ecology of Health and Survival in Asia and the South Pacific (Jim Bindon). Pacific Studies 12(2): 134-138.


Vargyas, Gabor

Data on the Pictorial History of North-East Papua New Guinea (Terence E. Hays). Pacific Studies 12(2): 138-140.


Lincoln, Louise

Assemblage of Spirits: Idea and Image in New Ireland (Phillip Lewis). Pacific Studies 12(2): 140-146.


Wagner, Roy

Asiwinarong: Ethos, Image, and Social Power among the Usen Barok of New Ireland (Brenda Johnson Clay). Pacific Studies 12(2): 146-149.


Myers, Fred R.

Pintupi Country, Pintupi Self (David Turner). Pacific Studies 12(2): 149-150.


Altman, J. C.

Hunter-Gatherers Today: An Aboriginal Economy in North Australia (Elspeth A. Young). Pacific Studies 12(2): 152-154.


Berndt, Ronald M. and Catherine H. Berndt

End of an Era: Aboriginal Labour in the Northern Territory (Kenneth Maddock). Pacific Studies 12(2): 154-156.




Volume 12 Number 3 July 1989



Miller, Char

Rumors and the Language of Social Change in Early Nineteeth-Century Hawaii. Pacific Studies 12(3): 1-28.


Angelo, A. H., Hosea Kirifi, and Andie Fong Toy

Law and Tokelau. Pacific Studies 12(3): 29-52.


Wetherell, David

"The Bridegroom Cometh": The Lives and Deaths of Queensland Melanesians in New Guinea, 1893-1956. Pacific Studies 12(3): 53-90.


Gorenflo, L. J. and Michael J. Levin

The Demographic Evolution of Ebeye. Pacific Studies 12(3): 91-128.




Borofsky, Robert

Making History: Pukapukan and Anthropological Constructions of Knowledge (James Howe, Julia A. Hecht, and Caroline Ralston). Pacific Studies 12(3): 129-140.


Borofsky, Robert

Response. Pacific Studies 12(3): 140-154.




Parsons, Claire D. F., ed

Healing Practices in the South Pacific (David E. Lewis, Jr.). Pacific Studies 12(3): 155-157.


Feil, D. K.

The Evolution of Highland Papua New Guinea Societies (Virginia D. Watson). Pacific Studies 12(3): 157-160.


Beckett, Jeremy

Torres Strait Islanders: Custom and Colonialism (Raymond Evans). Pacific Studies 12(3): 160-166.