Volume 11 Number 1 November 1987

Volume 11 Number 1 November 1987



Nimmo, Arlo H.

Peles' Journey to Hawai'i: An Analysis of the Myths. Pacific Studies 11(1): 1-42.


Roscoe, Paul B

Of Canoes and Castaways: Reassessing the Population of Tongareva (Penrhyn Island) at Contact. Pacific Studies 11(1): 43-62.


Thompson, David

The Hau of the Gift in Its Cultural Context. Pacific Studies 11(1): 63-80.


Rennie, Sandra

Contract Labor under a Protector: The Gilbertese Laborers and Hiram Bingham, Jr., in Hawaii, 1878-1903. Pacific Studies 11(1): 81-106.


Premdas, Ralph R.

Melanesian Socialism: Vanuatu's Quest for Self-Definition and Problems of Implementation. Pacific Studies 11(1): 107-130.




Tagupa, William E. H.

Hawaii and the United States Supreme Court: Three Cases on Law, History, and the United States Constitution. Pacific Studies 11(1): 131-149.




Luomala, Katharine

Hula Ki'i: Hawaiian Puppetry (Adrienne L. Kaeppler). Pacific Studies 11(1): 149-153.


Anderson, Atholl, ed.,

Traditional Fishing in the Pacific: Ethnographical and Archaelogical Papers from the 15th Pacific Science Congress (Patrick V. Kirch). Pacific Studies 11(1): 153-157.


White, Geoffrey M. and John Kirkpatrick, eds.,

Person, Self and Experience: Exploring Pacific Ethnopsychologies (Andrew Strathern). Pacific Studies 11(1): 157-162.


Terrell, John

Prehistory in the Pacific Islands (Peter Bellwood). Pacific Studies 11(1): 162-166.


Mason, Leonard, ed.

Kiribati: A Changing Atoll Culture (Max Quanchi). Pacific Studies 11(1): 166-168.


Peoples, James G.

Island in Trust: Culture Change and Dependence in a Micronesian Economy (Craig J. Severance). Pacific Studies 11(1): 168-170.


Miller, Char, ed.

Missions and Missionaries in the Pacific (Ian Breward). Pacific Studies 11(1): 170-172.


Loeliger, Carl and Garry Trompf, eds.

New Religious Movements in Melanesia (John Barker). Pacific Studies 11(1): 172-175.


Clay, Johnson Brenda

Mandak Realities: Person and Power in Central New Ireland (James G. Flanagan). Pacific Studies 11(1): 175-178.


Muir, David, dir.

Road to the Stamping Ground (T. D. Webb). Pacific Studies 11(1): 178-181.


Gumbert, Marc

Neither Justice Nor Reason: A Legal and Anthropological Analysis of Aboriginal Land Rights (Deborah Bird Rose). Pacific Studies 11(1): 181-187.



Volume 11 Number 2 March 1988



Macpherson, Cluny

The Road to Power Is a Chainsaw: Villages and Innovation in Western Samoa. Pacific Studies 11(2): 1-24.


Mageo, Jeannette Marie

Malosi: A Psychological Exploration of Mead's and Freeman's Work and of Samoan Aggression. Pacific Studies 11(2): 25-66.


Howe, K. R.

Some Origins and Migrations of Ideas Leading to the Aryan Polynesian Theories of Abraham Fornander and Edward Tregear. Pacific Studies 11(2): 67-83.


Latukefu, Sione

Noble Traditions and Christian Principles As National Ideology in Papua New Guinea: Do Their Philosophies Complement or Contradict Each Other? Pacific Studies 11(2): 83-96.


Tumarkin, D. D.

Main Trends in the USSR in the Ethnographic Study of Pacific Islands Peoples, 1961-1986, with a Selected Bibliography. Pacific Studies 11(2): 97-121.




McDowell, Nancy

A Note on Cargo Cults and Cultural Constructions of Change. Pacific Studies 11(2): 121-134.




Bennet, Judith A.

Wealth of the Solomons: A History of a Pacific Archipelago, 1800-1978 (Lamont Lindstrom). Pacific Studies 11(2): 135-136.


Stephen, Michele, ed.

Sorcerer and Witch in Melanesia (Marty Zelenietz). Pacific Studies 11(2): 136-140.


Rodman, Margaret C.

Masters of Tradition: Consequences of Customary Land Tenure in Logana, Vanuatu (Robert L. Rubinstein). Pacific Studies 11(2): 140-142.


Gostin, Olga

Cash Cropping, Catholicism, and Change: Resettlement among the Kuni of Papua (Eugene Ogan). Pacific Studies 11(2): 142-144.


Townsend, Patricia K.

The Situation of Children in Papua New Guinea (L. L. Langness). Pacific Studies 11(2): 144-146.


Foley, William A.

The Papuan Languages of New Guinea (Niko Besnier). Pacific Studies 11(2): 146-148.


Hawke, G. R.

The Making of New Zealand: An Economic History (Thomas R. Cox). Pacific Studies 11(2): 148-150.


Whittaker, Elvi

The Mainland Haole: The White Experience in Hawaii (Lillian Z. Mason). Pacific Studies 11(2): 150-157.


Hanson, Louise and F. Allan Hanson

The Art of Oceania: A Bibliography (Renee Heyum). Pacific Studies 11(2): 157-158.


Marshall, Leslie B., ed.

Infant Care and Feeding in the South Pacific (Patricia K. Townsend). Pacific Studies 11(2): 158-160.


Manderson, Lenore, ed.

Shared Wealth and Symbol: Food, Culture, and Society in Oceania and Southeast Asia (Miriam Kahn). Pacific Studies 11(2): 160-166.




Volume 11 Number 3 July 1988



Paxman, David B.

Freeman, Mead, and the Eighteenth-Century Controversy over Polynesian Society. Pacific Studies 11(3): 1-20.


Driver, Marjorie G.

Cross, Sword, and Silver: The Nascent Spanish Colony in the Mariana Islands. Pacific Studies 11(3): 21-52.


Mayo, Larry W.

U.S. Administration and Prospects for Economic Self-Sufficiency: A Comparison of Guam and Select Areas of Micronesia. Pacific Studies 11(3): 53-76.


Connell, John

Temporary Townsfolk? Siwai Migrants in Urban Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 11(3): 77-100.




Hezel, Francis X., S. J.

A Practitioner's Critical View. Pacific Studies 101-110.




Hooper, Antony and Judith Hunstman, eds.

Transformations of Polynesian Culture (George E. Marcus). Pacific Studies 11(3): 111-123.


Baker, Paul T., Joel M. Hanna, and Thelma S. Baker

The Changing Samoans: Behavior and Health in Transition (Lowell D. Holmes). Pacific Studies 11(3): 123-128.


Hovdhaugen, Even

From the Land of Nafanua: Samoan Oral Texts in Transcriptions with Translation, Notes, and Vocabulary (Richard Moyle). Pacific Studies 11(3): 128-131.


Holmes, Lowell D.

Quest for the Real Samoa: The Mead/Freeman Controversy and Beyond (Thomas Bargatzky). Pacific Studies 11(3): 131-151.


Romanucci-Ross, Lola

Mead's Other Manus: Phenomenology of the Encounter (Karen P. Sinclair). Pacific Studies 11(3): 151-157.


Lal, Brij V., ed.

Politics in Fiji: Studies in Contemporary History (Donald Brenneis). Pacific Studies 11(3): 157-160.


Counts, Dorothy Ayers and David R. Counts, eds.,

Aging and Its Transformations: Moving toward Death in Pacific Societies (Ellen Rhoads Holmes). Pacific Studies 11(3): 160-162.


Kahn, Miriam

Always Hungry, Never Greedy: Food and the Expression of Gender in a Melanesian Society (Rena Lederman). Pacific Studis 11(3): 162-165.


Goodman, Raymond, Charles Lepani, and David Morawetz

The Economy of Papua New Guinea: An Independent Review (Eugene Ogan). Pacific Studies 11(3): 165-167.


Peacock, Daniel J.

Lee Boo of Belau: A Prince in London (Gary A. Klee). Pacific Studies 11(3): 167-168.


Buckley, K. and K. Klugman

South Pacific Focus: A Record in Words and Photographs of Burns Philp at Work (Doug Munro). Pacific Studies 11(3): 169-173.