Volume 10 Number 1 November 1986

Volume 10 Number 1 November 1986



Howard, Alan

Cannibal Chiefs and the Charter for Rebellion in Rotuman Myth. Pacific Studies 10(1): 1-28.


Lange, Raeburn

Changes in Rarotongan Attitudes toward Health and Disease: Historical Factors in the Development of a Mid-Twentieth-Century Understanding. Pacific Studies 10(1): 29-54.


Kolig, Erich

Andreas Reischek and the Maori: Villainy or the Nineteenth-Century Scientific Ethos? Pacific Studies 10(1): 55-78.




Thompson, Roger C.

Hubert Murray and the Historians. Pacific Studies 10(1): 79-96.




Gordon, Robert J. and Mervyn J. Meggitt

Law and Order in the New Guinea Highlands: Encounters with Enga (Richard Scaglion). Pacific Studies 10(1): 97-99.


Hempenstall, Peter and Noel Rutherford

Protest and Dissent in the Colonial Pacific (Jerry K. Loveland). Pacific Studies 10(1): 99-104.


Iteanu, Andre

La ronde de echanges. De la circulation aux valeurs chez les Orokaiva (Valerio Valeri). Pacific Studies 10(1): 104-110.


The Journals of Cochran Forbes, Missionary to Hawaii, 1830-1864 (Char Miller). Pacific Studies 10(1): 110-113.


Kirch, Patrick Vinton

The Evolution of the Polynesian Chiefdoms (Paul Alan Cox and Joel C. Janetski). Pacific Studies 10(1): 113-123.


Kirch, Patrick Vinton

Feathered Gods and Fishhooks: An Introduction to Hawaiian Arcahaeology and Prehistory (Janet Frost). Pacific Studies 10(1): 123-127.


Knauft, Bruce M.

Good Company and Violence: Sorcery and Social Action in a Lowland New Guinea Society (Paula Brown Glick). Pacific Studies 10(1): 127-129.


Linnekin, Jocelyn

Children of the Land: Exchange and Status in a Hawaiian Community (George E. Marcus). Pacific Studies 10(1): 129-134.


O'Brien, Denise and Sharon W. Tiffany, eds.

Rethinking Women's Roles: Perspectives from the Pacific (Victoria Joralemon). Pacific Studies 10(1): 134-137.


Strathern, Andrew, ed.

Inequality in New Guinea Highlands Societies (Ben R. Finney). Pacific Studies 10(1): 137-139.


Watson, James B.

Tairora Culture: Contingency and Pragmatism (Rena Lederman). Pacific Studies 10(1): 139-144.


Webster, E. M.

The Moon Man: A Biography of Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay (Praticia Polansky). Pacific Studies 10(1): 144-147.



Volume 10 Number 2 March 1987



Luomala, Katharine

Reality and Fantasy: The Foster Child in Hawaiian Myths and Customs. Pacific Studies 10(2): 1-46.


Morton, Keith L.

The Atomization of Tongan Society. Pacific Studies 10(3): 47-72.


Munro, Doug

The Lives and Times of Resident Traders in Tuvalu: An Exercise in History from Below. Pacific Studies 10(3): 73-106.




Valeri, Valerio

Kingship and Sacrifice: Ritual and Society in Ancient Hawaii (John Charlot). Pacific Studies 10(2): 107-147.


Valeri, Valerio

Response. Pacific Studies 10(2): 148-214.




Volume 10 Number 3 July 1987



Parker, Samuel K.

Dialectics of Power in the Maori Creation Myth. Pacific Studies 10(3): 1-26.


Wesley-Smith, Terence

Lost Melanesian Brothers: The Irian Jaya Problem and Its Implications for Papua New Guinea. Pacific Studies 10(3): 27-52.


Bade, Klaus J.

Culture, Cash, and Christianity: The German Colonial Experience and the Case of the Rhenish Mission in New Guinea. Pacific Studies 10(3): 53-72.


Juvik, Sonia P.

Joint Venture Rice Production in the Solomon Islands: The Inner Workings of Dependent Development. Pacific Studies 10(3): 73-90.




Clark, Alan

Conflict Formal and Informal: Elections in New Caledonia, 1984-1986. Pacific Studies 10(3): 91-106.




Meller, Norman

Constitutionalism in Micronesia

Premdas, Ralph R. and Jeff S. Steeves

Decentralisation and Political Change in Melanesia

(Glenn Petersen). Pacific Studies 10(3): 107-124.


Meller, Norman

Response. Pacific Studies 10(3): 124-126.




Mead, Sidney, ed.

Te Maori: Maori Art from New Zealand Collections (Karen P. Sinclair). Pacific Studies 10(3): 127-138.


Hanson, F. Allan and Louise Hanson

Conterpoint in Maori Culture (Bruce Biggs). Pacific Studies 10(3): 138-142.


Kautai, Ngatupuna, et al.

Atiu: An Island Community (Rebecca A. Stephenson). Pacific Studies 10(3): 142-149.


Beechert, Edward D.

Working in Hawaii: A Labor History (Noel Jay Kent). Pacific Studies 10(3): 149-152.


Shook, E. Victoria

Ho'oponopono, Contemporary Uses of a Hawaiian Problem-Solving Process (Kyle L. Pehrson). Pacific Studies 10(3): 152-155.


Williams, Maslyn and Barrie Macdonald

The Phosphateers: A History of the British Phosphate Commissioners and the Christmas Island Phosphate Commission (James A. Boutilier). Pacific Studies 10(3): 155-158.


Beasant, John

The Santo Rebellion: An Imperial Reckoning (James Jupp). Pacific Studies 10(3): 158-161.


Govor, Elena Viktorovna

Bibliografiia Australii, 1710-1983 [A Bibliography of Australia, 1710-1983] (Patricia Polansky). Pacific Studies 10(3): 161-163.