Volume 1 Number 1 September 1977

Volume 1 Number 1 September 1977




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1977 Comparison of Polynesian Genealogies in the Bishop Museum. Pacific Studies 1(1): 1-14.


Macnaught, Timothy

1977 We Seem No Longer to Be Fijians: Some Perceptions of Social Change in Fijian History. Pacific Institute 1(1): 15-24.


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1977 Ko E Fakalangilangi: TheEulogistic Function of the Tongan Poet. Pacific Studies 1(1): 25-34.


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1977 Steps Towards the Development of a Written Culture in Oral Communities: The Role Played by a University of Hawaii Bilingual Project for Micronesians. Pacific Studies 1(1): 35-46.


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1977 American Samoa: Which Road Ahead? Pacific Studies 1(1): 47-53.




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News From Molokai: Letters Between Peter Kaeo and Queen Emma, 1873- 1876 (Joseph Spurrier). Pacific Studies 1(1): 64-66.


O'Reilley, Patrick

Tahiti au temps de la reine Pomare (Robert Craig). Pacific Studies 1(1): 66-67.


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For Whom the Stars? (Kenneth Baldrige). Pacific Studies 1(1): 67-69.



Volume 1 Number 2 Spring 1978




Hoare, Michael E.

1978 Introduction: James Cook: Man, Myth and Reality. Pacific Studies 1(2): 71-77.


Ritchie, G. S.

1978 Captain Cook's Influence on Hydrographic Surveying. Pacific Studies 1(2): 78- 96.


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1978 Captain Cook and Omai. Pacific Studies 1(2): 97-118.


Gibson, James R.

1978 The Significance of Cook's Third Pacific Voyage to Russian Tenure in the North Pacific. Pacific Studies 1(2): 119-146.


Stearn, William T.

1978 The Botanical Results of Captain Cook's Three Voyages and Their Later Influence. Pacific Studies 1(2): 147-162.


Wallis, Helen

1978 Publication of Cook's Journals: Some New Sources and Assessments. Pacific Studies 1(2): 163-194.


Hoare, Michael E.

1978 Cook Studies: Whither Now? Pacific Studies 1(2): 195-217.