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About the Pacific Institute . . .

Due to its strategic position within the Pacific Islands, its relationship to the Brigham Young University-Hawaiʻi Campus and its close proximity to the Polynesian Cultural Center, the Nāpela Center has access to particular resources that enable it to play a significant role in the community of the Pacific.

The Pacific Studies Journal has served the research and scholarly community since 1977. Twenty-five years of successful publication has proven that the journal fills an important need. Additionally, the journal has helped unite a geographically disparate group of scholars. In addition to its interdisciplinary strength, the journal has several other notable features. Authors wishing to submit manuscripts for review, please see Instructions to Authors.

The Institute publishes the Pacific Studies Journal quarterly, covering topics in:

-    Anthropology
-    Archaeology
-    Art History
-    Economics
-    Ethnomusicology
-    Folklore
-    Geography
-    History
-    Sociolinguistics
-    Political Science
-    Sociology
-    Literary Studies

The Institute is also involved in cultural presentations, forums, special occasions to welcome politicians, and scholars, and dignitaries.  The Center is involved in providing  newsletters and bulletins to inform, support and promote greater understanding of Hawaiʻi and the Pacific region.  

The Outreach services of the Nāpela Center will include special conferences and workshops which will assist Brigham Young University Hawaiʻi to fulfill its goals. 

* The "Editor's Forum" was established to feature exploratory essays, theoretical explications, or other works that need to be brought forward to general discussion. 

* The "Book Review Forum" is a new concept in academic publishing in which several reviewers adjudicate a recently published book and the author responds to their evaluation. In addition to the substantive analysis of important works this provides, the author can elaborate on the work and, in some cases, bring a new perspective to the book. The "Book Review" section has been recognized as being innovative in that reviewers are invited to submit analytical rather than merely descriptive articles.

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The subscription price is $39 per year. For information regarding subscriptions, renewals, and general questions about the journal please call (808)675-3665 or email:


The students that we serve come from more than 70 countries around the Pacific, Europe and the U.S. If you would like to assist our program, these students and others like them, for information on how to do so, please CLICK HERE.