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 Select Publications of James B. Tueller


October 2017: “Layers of Time and Place: San Pedro Macati, MetroManila and the Philippines” in World History Connected volume 14, issue 3 -

June 2016: Review Essay of three books: William D. Phillips, Jr., Slavery in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia; Joanne Rappaport, The Disappearing Mestizo: Configuring Difference in the Colonial New Kingdom of New Granada; Janina M. Safran, Defining Boundaries in al-Andalus: Muslims, Christians and Jews in Islamic Iberia in The Journal of World History volume 26, number 4 (December 2015) 902-906.

October 2015: Review of Iberian Visions of the Pacific Ocean, 1507-1899, by Rainer F. Buschmann, in the Bulletin of the Pacific Circle 35 (October 2015) 12-14.

September 2015: Review of Tolerance and Coexistence in Early Modern Spain: Old Christians and Moriscos in the Campo de Calatrava, Trevor Dadson in the Journal of Early Modern History 19, 5 (2015) 473-476.

October 2014: “The Moriscos Who Stayed Behind or Returned” The Expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain: A Mediterranean Diaspora, edited by Mercedes García- Arenal and Gerard Wiegers, translated by Consuelo López-Morillas and Martin Beagles (Leiden: Brill, 2014) pages 197-215.