Internship Requirements 

  • 60 hours per 1 credit (180 hours for 3 credits)
  • 3 learning objectives relating your internship to your major
  • 5-6 page post-internship reflection paper
  • Junior or Senior status

Internship Steps

  • Find internship or talk to supervising professor for options
  • Seek approval from department internship coordinator
  • Fill out application on Handshake
  • Add 3 Learning Objectives to Handshake
  • Send supervisor your Offer Letter from your employer
  • Get your Memorandum of Understanding signed and returned if needed
  • Get registered

These steps must be completed BEFORE your internship or you will NOT receive credit.

How to Find an Internship

  • Visit Career Services and use their resources
  • Go to YCareer to search established internships online
  • Explore family or personal connections for internships that suit your desired career field and preference
  • Discuss options with your internship advisor listed below

After Your Internship

  • Submit an evaluation form completed by your employer about your performance
  • Submit a self-evaluation form 
  • Submit your reflection paper within one month  of returning

Internship Reflection Paper:

Write a 5-6 page reflection paper explaining how this internship experience benefited from what you learned (what theories went into actual practice during the internship, what observations you had on the job illustrate the materials or theories (ANTH, IPB, etc.)  in the classroom? How the internship helped you decide what your career path might be, and any other benefits you gain from this experience. This is a critical reflection paper, not a description only of what the job tasks were. This paper is due within one month of your return from the internship to receive a passing grade.

Helpful Information

The Memorandum of Understanding is a contract between your employer and the school. It is necessary if you are the first BYUH intern at your workplace in the past year. If you are interning at BYUH or PCC, this form is unnecessary.


The Internship Approval Form is the form you will have signed and return to your internship supervisor. Some parts of the form may not apply to you. 

Internship Approval Form

This form helps explain the internship process. 

Internship Registration Process

Other Information

For students leaving the US, flight funding may be available. Contact the career center for more info. 

If students do their internship while not taking other classes, half tuition is still required. 

For students leaving the US, Student Medical Benefit will not cover you. Make sure you arrange other forms of insurance. 

Contact Information



History Internship Opportunities


  • Lisa Faonelua
  • Office: MFB 211
  • Phone: 808-675-3665

Pacific Island Studies:

  • Hiagi Wesley
  • Phone: 808-675-3110
  • Office: MCK 170A




After speaking to your professor, please schedule an appointment with Lisa Faonelua.